What is Epimedium?


Epimedium (Hozakino Epimedium) is a perennial plant of the Berberidaceae family that grows in the production areas of the Korean Peninsula, China. Since the shape of the petals resembles the shape of the anchor
used to stop the ship, it has come to be called Epimedium.

Epimedium is mainly grown in China, but there are about 20 to 30 types of Epimedium, “Tokiwaikarisou”, “Kibanaikarisou”, “Vladiroicarisou”, and “Baikaikarisou”.

There are about 7 or 8 varieties that came from China, but even in Japan, Epimedium, Epimedium Korean, Epimedium Korean, and Epimedium Korean are often seen.

In Japan, Epimedium is added to the famous nourishing tonic drink. You can also take it continuously from tea or supplements.

When animal experiments were conducted using Epimedium, the physiological changes caused by its action as fertilizer were scientifically proven, and it is said that it has an action similar to Viagra.

Difference between Epimedium and Inyoukaku

Epimedium is also called Inyoukaku in Chinese Chinese, so there is no difference except that the name is different.
The origin of the name Inyoukaku is that when a sheep eats the leaves (barrenwort) of Epimedium, it becomes obscene enough to mate 100 times a day, so it is called Inyoukaku because it has a medicinal effect of strong energy. There is a legend that it became.

Epimedium is also called Sanshikuyosou because its stem is branched into three and three small leaves are attached at the beginning.

History of Epimedium

Epimedium is a well-known herb as an energetic agent in Chinese Chinese medicine.
It was also used to treat “tonicity,” “erectile dysfunction,” “joint pain,” “back pain,” and “quadriplegia.”

In the drug book “Shennong Ben Cao Jing”, which summarizes the knowledge of drugs transmitted to ancient China, “If a person takes a sexual intercourse, he likes to have sexual activity” and “Insufficient development of the male penis and female penis” It is taken by many people. “

As a result of research in the 1930s, Epimedium was found to have an energy-enhancing effect.

Ingredients contained in Epimedium

The ingredients contained in Epimedium can be expected to have an effect of increasing energy. Introducing the ingredients and effects.


It is a flavonol glycoside, which is a little weaker than Viagra, an ED treatment drug, but it is a component that can be expected to have a similar effect, loosening the smooth muscles of blood vessels, and increasing blood flow to the male genitalia.

It also has the effect of suppressing enzymes that break down the components necessary to maintain an erection, so it can be expected to be effective in maintaining an erection.
It is an important ingredient in the manufacture of energizers and nourishing tonics. Therefore, it is effective not only for improving energy but also for improving erectile dysfunction and bending.


In addition to Epimedium, it is contained in sesame seeds and has a high antioxidant effect. It also has the effect of preventing cell aging and can be expected to have an effect on anti-aging.

Since lignans work similar to female hormones (estrogens), they are said to regulate the hormone balance and are effective in alleviating the painful symptoms of infertility, premenstrual syndrome, and menopause.

In addition, it is possible to prevent arteriosclerosis and metabolic syndrome by lowering cholesterol and lowering triglyceride levels.


It has the effect of promoting the secretion of female and male hormones, has the effect of stimulates nerves, and is an indispensable ingredient for energetic agents and nourishing tonics.
You can expect excitement for energy up, blood circulation promotion, semen secretion, and sensory nerves, and it will help you to regain vitality by increasing your sexual desire and sexual desire.

Effect of Epimedium

In addition to the effects of the above ingredients, Epimedium has a wide range of effects.

Blood circulation promoting effect

Epimedium has the effect of dilating blood vessels, which makes it easier to improve blood flow to the lower body, making it an effective ingredient for people who want to improve sexual function.
For men, it is effective for “nutrition tonic”, “erection power improvement”, “ED improvement”, “sexual desire improvement”, and “energy enhancement”.
For women, it is effective for “improvement of infertility”, “irregular menstruation” and “cold sensitivity”.


Epimedium has an analgesic effect and is said to be good for numbness and pain, so it is effective for the following symptoms.
・ Waist and knee weakness
・ Joint pain
・ Muscle and joint spasms
・ Rheumatoid arthritis
・ Lower limb paralysis
・ Hemiplegia
・ Whole-body attempt


It is said to be effective for symptoms that are likely to occur during menopause.
・ Hypertension
・ Forgetfulness due to aging ・ Memory deterioration ・
・ Insomnia
・ Recovery from fatigue

Those who need epimedium

People who fall under the following can improve or eliminate by taking Epimedium.

・ Even if I see a woman, my sexual desire does not increase

・ I suspect that I may have infertility because it is difficult to have children.

・ It is easy to break in the middle due to a decrease in erection power, so you can not finish

・ I am worried because my hormone balance is disturbed due to premenstrual syndrome and menopause.

How to take Epimedium

Epimedium is often taken primarily as a tea, medicinal liquor, or energy drink supplement.

If you want to ingest it with tea, dry the leaves of Epimedium in the sun, make them fine like tea leaves, and then decoct and drink.
In the case of medicinal liquor, energy drinks, and supplements, they are included as ingredients, so they can be easily taken.

You can also eat flowers and young shoots of young leaves. In the case of flowers, you can eat them raw or boiled, and in the case of young shoots of young leaves, you can boil or stir-fry them.

The standard intake of Epimedium is 8 to 10 g per 600 ml of water per day.

Side effects of Epimedium

If you drink too much Epimedium, it may cause temporary side effects.

It is said that side effects are more likely to occur in people with a bad heart, those with weak gastrointestinal tracts, those with hot flashes, and those with hot flashes.

Reported nausea, dry mouth, nosebleeds, and dizziness.

Precautions for Epimedium and cautions for combined use

The points to note about Epimedium are as follows.

・ Do not overdose if you want to feel the effect quickly.
Side effects may occur.

Caution for combined use

・ Suffering from heart disease, liver disease, or diabetes.

・ If you have a weak gastrointestinal tract, have hot flashes on your limbs, or have hot flashes, consult a doctor before use.

・ If you are currently taking medication or are undergoing treatment, consult your doctor before use.

・ If you are breastfeeding, pregnant, or may become pregnant, consult your doctor before taking this medicine.

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