Is it possible for a man to ejaculate without having an erection?

ejaculate without having an erection

It is a question of ejaculation without erection when the latter is not powerful enough for sex to be rigid and held. Also called “soft penis ejaculation”, this phenomenon can happen at any age .and can have various causes. This erectile concern qualifies a specific situation during which the erection lacks firmness because it has not had time to stabilize, because it was, from the start, not very powerful, or because it falls suddenly. Nevertheless, ejaculation takes place. This can also occur when the man withdraws before having ejaculated: the physiological reaction which will follow will then be this ejaculation. Fortunately, today there are a number of solutions to try to solve this problem, which affects between 2 and 3% of the entire male population in the world.

What can explain that a man ejaculates without his penis being erect?

Several reasons can explain this concern, some being easier to solve than others.

In the first case, it may be a phenomenon occurring when the subject is sleeping . Indeed, an ejaculation during sleep is not necessarily accompanied by a firm erection . In this case, especially if his sex life is not very active or slowed down, the body will necessarily need to regulate its impulses and compensate. This can happen during an erotic dream but not only, and the subject is often not aware of it. In this case, do not worry, a simple resumption of normal and regular sexual activity should prevent these small nocturnal inconveniences.

Another case, during a report . It’s immediately more disabling. This “soft penis” ejaculation can find its source in various causes.

It can indeed be the consequence of bad automatisms taken by your body, due for example to too frequent masturbation whose major objective remains ejaculation. The quality of the erection matters little, and the body will therefore simply reproduce the same pattern during intercourse with a partner. He will, in fact, associate pleasure with ejaculation, and will seek to reproduce this phenomenon even before the erection has been able to stabilize. The sexual energy will then be concentrated on the production of ejaculation, to the detriment of a rigid erection.

The reasons can also be psychological in nature . Thus, fear of doing wrong, anxiety, apprehension, haste, or even the desire to control physiological reactions, can cause “soft penis” ejaculation. If you have learned to manage what is happening to overcome old problems, premature ejaculation for example, and therefore to “hold back”, all your energy will be focused on this, again to the detriment of erectile quality. The disturbances that you are likely to encounter on a daily basis can also have an impact on this problem: morale generally influences erectile problems a lot.
The last possibility is that of organic dysfunction. The percentage of men in this case is very low, but if you encounter the slightest doubt, then the best thing is to consult a specialist without delay who will be able to answer all your questions.

Finally, it is very important to remember that these problems are not caused by a specific partner : it is not the absence of desire for the other that causes this difficulty in getting an erection or in maintaining it (or in any cases, only very rarely).

What to do to remedy this problem?

Specialized therapies exist (this solution excludes, of course, problems of organic origin). They allow the rehabilitation of physiological reactions so that ejaculation ceases to appear when the erection is of low intensity, among others. The idea is actually to unteach the body the bad habits it has acquired over the years and to make it forget all the bad automatisms acquired. We can thus evoke Behavioral Sexo-Reeducation, specialized in the treatment of this type of phenomena. No reason to be ashamed or even to feel embarrassed: those who are in charge of carrying out this therapy are specialists, accustomed to being regularly confronted with this kind of problem. Behavioral Sexo-Reeducation will allow you to set up a specific program, adapting perfectly to the needs of each one. Moreover, for more professionalism and to ensure patients flawless help, the therapy is led by a sworn and certified sexologist.

In the event of trauma dating back to the beginnings of the subject’s sexual life, it may also be wise to consult a psychologist who can help eliminate any blockages.
In any case, the idea of ​​following a couple therapy can also be beneficial and help to forget possible resentments, born on one side or the other because of this “soft penis” ejaculation problem.

Finally, in case of dysfunction of organic origin, the visit to a specialist can be useful. This will allow – even if the problem is of psychological origin – to reassure the subject, and to find, together, the most suitable solution to the concern with which the latter is confronted.

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