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Edegra is considered elixir for men undergoing the traumatic experience of erectile dysfunction. Edegra is a generic drug and contains the dynamic ingredient called Sildenafil citrate. The drug is absolutely practical and causes no magic. Most important thing to learn about the drug is, it does not excite sexual desire in the body. Under certain guidelines only it is most effective. Like, men need to be aroused while popping the pill. Edegra has to be consumed 30 minutes before the sexual act to be at its best. It is PDDE5 inhibitor. Sildenafil citrate helps men to respond to the stimulation by increasing blood flow to the penis. Edegra is the safest, easiest and healthiest treatment to erectile dysfunction so far. Give it a try and say goodbye to the tension of impotence forever.


To understand the working mechanic of edegra, first it’s important to know the cause behind impotence. Penile arteries and blood vessels expand on blood inflow to the penile region. The expansion is important for erection as blood in men’s phallus causes hardening. During ED stage, the blood flow to the penis drops off as arteries and blood vessels harden. The hardening inhibits expansion and as a result penis does not receive ample blood to provide erection. An enzyme PDDE5 is the root cause. It develops in the penile area and turns penis arteries hard. In such a situation edegra is best to look for.

Edegra inhibits PDE5 enzyme, hence also called PDE5 inhibitor. In some time after the popping of pill, the drug subdues the effect of PDE5 enzyme and replaces it with cGMP enzyme. cGMP enzyme makes arteries and blood vessels flaccid, hence letting in blood to the penis. This is the simple working formula edegra works upon. The drug needs sexual stimulation to work in the right manner. Erections can be maintained for up to 4 to 5 hours.


The right dose of the drug is most important to wipe off erectile dysfunction completely. Only a licensed physician would be able to prescribe the right dose after undergoing men’s health completely. Thence, do consult doctor before taking in edegra. The most recommended dose of edegra is 100mg. Dosing rule reads to take the drug 30 minutes earlier in time to love making. The in between time is expended by the drug in dissolving with the bloodstream and start the activity. Men can enjoy foreplay in the meantime. Don’t break or chew the pill and swallow it with water only as a whole. In a day one pill is sufficient to take. Increasing dose would lead to overdose and can incur risks. Edegra should not be taken daily. Take it only prior the sexual fondling. In the absence of stimulation anyways it is not going to work.

Side Effects

Edegra may incur some possible side effects like- stomach upset, headache, facial flushing, runny nose, problem to exposure to light, blur vision etc. These temporary side effects stop occurring once your body gets to know the drug well. Also, they last for only few hours and don’t involve any risk to health.
In some cases, side effects like rashes on body, breathlessness, heart attack, lasting erection, etc occur. It is advised to take visit to your doctor immediately if come across these side effects.


Precautions to be taken while taking edegra are given below-
• Edegra is for men’s use only to recover from sexual disorder. Women should not consume it at all. Their medications are different for treating their sexual disorders.
• Heart patients or men with liver or kidney disorders should not use edegra.
• No activity should be undertaken after taking edegra as symptoms like dizziness and blur vision are common to occur.
• Men above 555 years should consume it on medical approval all alone.
• Avoid oily foods and also do not fill stomach to the full before taking the pill of edegra. It can be taken on empty stomach or after a light meal.
• Do not take overdose. Stick to one pill a day.
• Any other solvent, other than water, should be avoided too swallow edegra pill. Results are delayed.
• Always store the drug in 25 to 30 degree celsius temperature surrounding.


• Alcohol intakes with edegra have chances of causing health problems.
• Nitrates and nitrates containing products should be strictly avoided as the drug interacts with nitrates at once and immediately deliver health hazards.
• Grapefruit and its juice both are injurious if taken along with the drug. Keep it in mind.
• Do not consume the drug regularly. Dependency on the drug is not healthy.

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