The cause of many ED in Japanese was lack of sleep

The cause of many EDs in Japanese was lack of sleep

Currently, the number of ED patients in Japanese men is about 18 million, and it is said that one in three has ED.
This high-probability Japanese ED is said to be caused by aging and mental illness, but it may be caused by lack of sleep.

It may be possible to have a fulfilling sexual life by first reviewing your sleep before using medicines.

Lack of sleep causes ED

It is undeniable that blood flow deteriorates with aging and the probability of developing ED increases.
However, it is because of age that the strength of the penis has disappeared. If you are a young person or have ED problems, it may be caused by a lack of sleep.

During light sleep and REM sleep, men have an erection called the penile erection phenomenon that they do not notice.
However, people who are apnea during sleep cannot breathe well and cannot pump oxygen into the blood, resulting in the inability to pump blood into the corpus cavernosum of the penis.

By combining these things and being affected by the nocturnal penile erection phenomenon, it is not possible to exert strength even during normal erections.

It is also clear that men who sleep less often have no erectile power because the amount of testosterone, a male hormone that is said to be secreted during sleep, is low.

Men who are not comfortable sleeping like this are 1.8 times more likely to get ED, and you can see how sleep triggers ED.

World average sleep time

・ South Africa 9 hours 12 minutes
・ America 8 hours 29 minutes
・ France 8 hours 25 minutes
・ Italy 8 hours 14 minutes
・ Germany 8 hours 8 minutes
・ Denmark 7 hours 59 minutes
・ United Kingdom 7 hours 55 minutes
・ Japan 7 hours 52 minutes

I picked up only major cities, but if you look at it like this, you can see whether Japan lacks sleep time among developed countries.
I think this is because, although it is a developed country, the burden on office workers who have projects is heavy and there is little time to sleep.

Also, by age group, people in their 40s, who are also more likely to develop ED, are about 30 minutes shorter than those in their 20s, so it was possible that lack of sleep promoted ED.

To improve

If sleep deprivation reduces the male hormone testosterone, no matter how busy you are, it will be resolved by ensuring and extending your sleep time.
But the trouble is sleep apnea, which is now treated as a disease.

Sleep apnea syndrome is considered to be a type of sleep disorder and applies to people who take 10 seconds or more to stop and resume breathing during sleep.
It is mainly judged by being hospitalized for inspection at a medical institution, but if there are people around you, it may have been pointed out.

In such cases, CPAP therapy, which is a therapy in which a CPAP device is placed at the bedside and air is sent into the airways at a set pressure through an air tube and a nasal mask is recommended by medical institutions.

You can also use a mouthpiece to get a better night’s sleep.
You can keep your lower chin out by simply putting it in your mouth before sleeping.
This opens the airways and significantly reduces the frequency of apneas and hypopneas.

These remedies can help you sleep better, resulting in increased testosterone and oxygen in your blood to get a strong erection.

Review your lifestyle

With the spread of personal computers and the era of smartphones becoming commonplace, people have become accustomed to watching blue light for a long time, whether at work, at home, or on the move.
You need to be careful because this will awaken you, especially the light from your TV, games, or smartphone before you go to bed, which will interfere with your sleep.

After a day’s work, avoid blue lights that may interfere with your sleep at home, try to go to bed early, and ensure a stable sleep to eliminate ED.

It is also recommended to take a nap for about 15 minutes during the day to improve your sleep rhythm and help you fall asleep at night.

Things that interfere with sleep

I hope you understand that you need sleep to get rid of ED.
Then, in order to get a comfortable sleep and eliminate ED, the following methods are effective.

  • Watch out for night toilets that interfere with sleep
  • Consider the temperature of the room
  • Do not take caffeine or nicotine before sleep
  • Do not see the light of smartphones such as SNS
  • Do not accumulate stress

By strict adherence to these five, the quality of sleep will naturally improve and you should be closer to eliminating ED.

It is natural for humans to wake up at night, but as it increases in frequency, the quality of sleep deteriorates.
Therefore, it is safe to refrain from drinking too much water before going to bed.
If possible, it is important to avoid a strong-tasting supper and create an environment where you will not be thirsty.

In addition, it is said that it is ideal to keep the temperature at 15 to 18 degrees Celsius because a room that is too hot tends to wake up from sleeplessness.

Caffeine and nicotine also interfere with sleep, and of course blue light such as smartphones awakens, causing damage to sleep introduction.

By paying attention to the above and sleeping, it is expected that ED can be eliminated without blood flow stagnation during sleep.

If you suffer from ED, it may be annoying and affect your sleep.
The effectiveness of ED treatments improves daily, and most are improved by taking them.

It is possible to order medicines that have a proven track record overseas by using a personal import agency site like a medicine shop on the Internet, so I’m having trouble with ED, but I haven’t taken it yet. If you say that, why don’t you try it once?

Please review the relationship between sleep and ED, and your own sleep.

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