Difference between Levitra 10mg and 20mg

Difference between Levitra 10mg and 20mg

The difference between Levitra 10mg and 20mg is purely the difference in the content of the active ingredient in one tablet. The active ingredient “Vardenafil” is 10 mg for Levitra 10 mg, and “Vardenafil” is 20 mg for Levitra 20 mg, which is simply doubled.

Since the amount of active ingredient is doubled, it does not mean that the effect of the drug is doubled. While it is true that 20 mg will increase the hardness of the erection and the duration of the drug will be longer than 10 mg, it does not mean that they simply feel doubled.

Please note that changing from 10 mg to 20 mg is not always the only benefit, as higher doses may be more effective and lasting, but the frequency and extent of side effects may be stronger or last longer. .. (Of course, there are individual differences in the appearance of effects and side effects.)

Pharmacokinetic parameters

(μg ・ hr / ml)
(μg / ml)
* 1
10mg20.94 (1.72)10.05 (1.86)0.75 (0.50-1.00)3.19 (1.08)
20mg44.14 (1.39)18.35 (1.29)0.75 (0.50-1.00)3.98 (1.46)

* 1: Median (range)
Geometric mean (geometric standard deviation), n = 6
* Reprinted from Bayer Yakuhin Levitra Interview Form

Again, the larger dose of 20 mg shows that more active ingredients are absorbed by the body. The more active ingredient that is taken up by the body, the stronger the effect and the longer the duration.

When choosing a drug, you should choose 10 mg or 20 mg, which is a controversial point among doctors. Considering side effects, some doctors should start with a low dose of 10 mg, while others say that the reported side effects are often minor and should be started with a strong 20 mg.

At this clinic, considering the patient’s health condition and age, 10 mg is given to those who say “I can have sexual activity without problems depending on the day and situation, or masturbation is not a problem at all”, “Every time I have sexual activity.” 20mg is often recommended for those who say, “I can’t do it well, and sometimes I can’t get an erection well even with masturbation.”

Of course, if you’re worried about side effects, you can prescribe low-dose medications, and if you’re relieved that high-dose doses are more effective, you can prescribe high-dose medications.

Glossary What is a generic drug?

Also called a generic drug. If the patent for a pre-launched drug expires, the drug can be manufactured using exactly the same active ingredients as the drug. There is no research cost, and it is possible to reduce the cost by devising the manufacturing method. It is becoming more and more popular in the USA as a drug that has the same effect as the preceding drug but has a low price.

Does Levitra’s regular generic drug exist in the USA?

Is there a generic version of Levitra? However, there are no official generic drugs approved in the USA on the market. (As of May 2020)

Basically, when a drug patent expires, other manufacturers can produce drugs with the same ingredients at low research costs, resulting in cheap generic drugs. Viagra’s patent expired in Japan in 2014, and legitimate generic drugs were sold by a number of pharmaceutical manufacturers.

Since 20 years have not passed since Levitra was launched, generic drugs cannot be produced. However, in India, which does not allow patents for such drugs, generic drugs containing the same amount of the same active ingredient as Levitra, commonly known as Indian Generic, are officially approved and manufactured. In the product name, (VALIF), FILITRA, SILVITRA, etc.

It is said that the effect is not inferior to that of the original Levitra because it is made with the same ingredients by a pharmaceutical manufacturer in India, but if an individual tries to get it in Japan, it will be in the form of a personal import, and unless there is a reliable route, the drug will be available. Whether it’s genuine or not is quite suspicious.

What if Levitra’s official generics were approved domestically?

When are Levitra’s regular generics? However, we do not know the exact time. Levitra’s patents are not limited to one, but there are various patents such as ingredient patents and manufacturing method patents, so it is not clear when and when the patent expires.

However, it is possible to estimate the release date to some extent by referring to the general patent expiration date and Viagra, which has already been approved as a generic drug for the ED treatment that was released in advance.

Since Levitra went on sale in Japan in 2004, the patent will expire around 2024, 20 years later, and the generic ban will be lifted.

Viagra was globally approved in 1998, but since the generic launch was in 2014, the patent expired without waiting for 20 years to pass. Perhaps the generic release of Levitra maybe a little ahead of schedule as well.

About the price when generics are released

As with Viagra generics, it is easy to imagine that price competition will occur and prices will fall as generic drugs are released by many manufacturers.

In the case of general insurance-covered therapeutic drugs, when generic drugs are launched, they are often 40% to 60% cheaper than the original drugs.

However, unlike general insurance-covered medicines, Levitra is a free-care treatment and is not publicly priced.

Since the price is set for each medical institution, it cannot be said unconditionally, but taking Viagra as an example, Viagra, which was prescribed for about 1500 yen, is prescribed for about 1250 to 1000 yen for generics. And it seems. It is about 20 to 33% cheaper.

When this is applied to Levitra, it is rough as follows.

It’s just a simple expectation, but I’d be happy if it became familiar with the release of domestic generics.

About side effects of Levitra generic drugs

Since it is basically a drug with the same ingredients, the side effects that are likely to occur are the same. Due to individual differences, some people say that genuine products do not cause side effects, but overseas Levitra generics do.

In addition, although vardenafil, which is a medicinal ingredient, is the same, the coating part that wraps it is different for each generic manufacturer, so allergic symptoms may occur.

The stories mentioned so far are the stories when the contents were genuine. The side effects of fake content are unimaginable. Strongside effects are caused by the health hazard caused by the inclusion of impurities and the excessive amount of medicinal ingredients.

Some may contain completely different psychotropic ingredients. Be aware that taking these counterfeit products can have irreversible side effects as well as temporary side effects.

Is it safe to buy generics of Levitra online?

I honestly don’t recommend importing generics of Levitra individually.

The reason is that I think that it is necessary to use a reassuring drug because it is a therapeutic drug that is taken orally.

When the general public imports medicines individually, most of them are imported through an import agency operated by a third party. According to a survey conducted by ED drug manufacturers, more than half of the drugs are mail-ordered or personally imported via the Internet. It turns out that .4% were fake drugs.

If the effect is poor, it may be sufficient to just say “I was caught by a fake”, but various health hazards have been reported in Japan and deaths have been reported overseas.

In order to protect your own health, we recommend that you refrain from easy personal imports and receive a prescription at a safe medical institution.

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