Diets – 7 main mistakes

Diets – 7 main mistakes

The insight of the idea that you should contact the dietitian before starting a diet we usually realize too late. It should be based on the at least two-three diets failures. Unsuccessful diet is the disproportion of inputs and outputs at best or health problems at worst. Thus, let’s discuss the most popular mistakes we do starting a diet.

Mistake 1. There is no list of allowed products.

What phrase we usually hear form those trying to loose their weight? “I don’t eat this, I’m on a diet”. These are universal words that making us refrain from dessert, farinaceous, meat, salty and high-calorie foods. Unfortunately, not every person that is “on the diet” can easily and cheerfully say what should eat at all.

Diet is no doubt a limitation. However, the other side of any limitation means awareness of what is allowed.


– According to the researches, 70% of teenagers in West European countries use diets to loose their weight.

– Only 5 person of 100 that have lost their weight maintain their weight after the diet.

Starting a diet you should clearly realize your ration. Saying they are on a diet, many suppose that they should renounce unhealthy products and the healthy ones will appear suddenly from nowhere. It is quite unreal to consider that you will eat what something any way. According to practice, such nutrition turns to eating of equally unhealthy products like mayonnaise salads.

Mistake 2. No nutrition strategy.

Now we should consider our question in more details. Which products will be included in your dietical breakfasts, dinners and suppers? Have you already defined this? Now try to consider what you will eat out of home – at your office for instance. Should you take trays with food? Or you will make an individual orders in the nearest cafe?

Those hoping for the best or supposing they will have only mineral water throughout the day will stop their diet on the next day. The words said by one famous ballet dancer that the best diet is not to eat at all do not comfort you quite soon.

Mistake 3. Too much low calorie food.

Let’s consider that the problems with eating out of home are solved. And you ration is also defined: it will contain low calorie lettuce leaves with hidden tomato pieces in it. At least you can eat it as much as you wish.

I can recall one women that always brought two pannikins (I swear it!) of these salad. The first one she ate at the morning and second was finished to 16 o’clock. During the rest of the time she exclaimed without a stop something like that: “Oh my God, how hungry I am”. A good piece of chicken could be quite useful for her.

Cause two pannikins of the salad could help to loose ones weight still not too fast as it usually wished by those who eat it. The size is still important. The bigger amount of the food eaten at once makes your stomach stretch and require for more food as the feeling of satiety straightly depends on fullness of the stomach. And as 100 grams contain about 50 calories then 3 kilograms contain 1500!

And the second reason is…

Mistake 4. Misbalanced diet.

… that the diet should be balanced according to the quantity of proteins, fats, carbohydrates and microelements. However this rule is often neglected as any other common truth. Let’s try to modify it: in case you are ready for a brief 2-3 days dietary experiment the organism will find certain reserve to manage the lack of these or that substances. But in case you are going 2-3 weeks, month or even more diet – then be sure to control that your body gets all required substances.

Mistake 5. Diet is a way to save your money for nutrition.

The idea is clear – diet means less eating, and less eating means more saved money. Very nice.

But let’s make some things clear at first. Let’s consider one of the most nourishing and calorie breakfast: ice cream and appetizing bun. That is not to expensive. And now let’s try to purchase something dietary for the same amount of money. This will be sufficient only for a cabbage or package of nuts or couple liters of mineral water.

Thus, the diet is the real time expenditure as healthy products are hardly to buy in the nearest stall. There is a need to have systematic shopping in special places – markets and supermarkets.

Actually diet is a time and money expenditure, especially when we will compare with simple and calorie breakfast of bun and ice cream. However from the strategic point of view the diet wins especially when we consider excessive weight, appearance and health problems of bun fans.

Mistake 6. Abrupt start and stop the diet.

When hysterical decisions like “That is all. Tomorrow I’m on the strict diet” are taken most often? After rich meal and awesome overeating. Consider what your body will feel after rich meal and then sharp refrain from all required explaining it with a diet. Correct! Nothing but deep aversion to its master.

The reason is that any diet should be started step by step (slowly decreasing calorie, richness and the number of “foreign” products). And especially any diet requires gradual entrance otherwise you will not avoid health problems and fast restoration of weight that was so hardly to loose.

Mistake 7. Irregular eating.

And final limitation is not so awesome after the previous ones. Try to follow regular eating – every 2 or 4 hours according to the one schedule you have chosen. This will allow your body to adapt new eating schedule quickly and will not feel that it was deprived of the food once and for all.

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