Computer Diseases

computer diseases

PC is considered to be a quite unhealthy machine. Nevertheless people today use it in almost every field of our life, no matter it may harm their organism or not. But there exist certain quite simple rules. And in case we will follow them our PC won’t be as unhealthy as it is today.

We all criticize the computer for the health hazard it causes. The vision worsens, the back pain becomes quite usual, hands become numb and the nervous system impairs. However in case this clever machine was able to speak (though it is not so long time we have to wait for it) it would really have something to say its ungrateful users.

The first thing the computer will say in case it saw frozen face in front of it for several hours with stressed, red and sometimes even running eyes – “Don’t look at me in this way!” it is quite unhealthy to look at the monitor for a long period of time without any brakes and this is already proved fact. First of all, the pixels structure of the image plays a great role here: the image is presented not as firm lines but as microscopic points (pixels) that constantly twinkle with the definite frequency. Secondly, our eyes are adapted for normal perception of the reflected light and the straight light rays are quite negative for our eyes. Thirdly, our eyes are seriously strained by the low contrast range that may be accompanied by the glares on the monitor caused by the reflection of other brightly lighted things in the area round the operator. As a result asthenopia is secure to develop – that is a vision fatigue. And the next step will be the purchase of your first eye glasses.

So, what may be done in this situation?

Don’t let your eyes be tired. Adjust the brightness of the monitor and put it in such place there are no reflections. The best way is to place it with its back panel to the window. Furthermore you will be able to let your eyes rest by moving your look to buildings, trees and birds outside the window – i.e. something like eyes gymnastics.

Ophthalmologists commonly advise special gymnastics. For instance, you may turn your eyes as if you are trying to see as much as possible by making 6 rotation to the right and 6 to the left. This will not harm you even in case you have purchased the best computer eyeglasses. It may seem to be strange but the person sitting at the computer usually seems to have forgotten about blinking. Commonly person blinks about 15 times per minute and when looking at the screen – then the number of blinks decreases in 2 times. As a result the gripe and dryness in eyes. All is left to blink more often or purchase artificial eyewater in the drugstore.

You are able to prevent your eyesight worsening in case you will consider your computer without any negative fanaticism and follow simple safety regulations. Moreover you should provide at least 5 minutes rest to your eyes after every 30 minutes work period.

About hands or “stop throttling little mouse!”

Even in case your boss have overloaded you with problems your computer still won’t get it right then why should you gripe the mouse and knock on the keyboard with such force? Moreover you will surely get quite unpleasant professional disease called – “tunnel syndrome” in case of such way of working. It would be better to squeeze your offender throat thus providing your fingers with gymnastics and a mental relief for yourself.

Too strong knocks on the keys the nerve endings of the touch balls becomes broken, the hands experience asthenia, numbness and creeps. The medicine says this is caused due to compression of the middle nerve where it passes the carpal. The disease develops quite slowly however in case you won’t provide certain prophylaxis at the first signs of it then sharp pain will appear and the necessity in serious treatment (probably surgical) will arise.

At that the hand working with the mouse is at the greater risk. How can we prevent this? First of all, teach yourself to correct position of your hands. When working with the keyboard the bend of elbow angle should be equal to 90 degrees.

When working with mouse the hand should be in straight position and as far from the table edge as it possible. The chair or the armchair should have elbow rests and the hands should lay on the special stands (some keyboards, tables and mouse pads are supplemented with them).

Following exercises may be done as a prophylaxis. Shake your hands, loosen them up, squeeze fingers vigorously, and turn fists bending carpals.

The risk of the tunnel syndrome may be completely prevented by correctly positioning at the computer, hands gymnastics for several minutes every hour of the continuous work.

About back or Bruce Lee is behind the monitor!

It is a complete mistake to consider that it is possible to relax your tired back by settling back in the armchair, lounging and having relaxed numbed body. No way!

A long period of time spent in the same position as well as the lack of the any load on the muscles didn’t help anyone yet – as the muscles degrade gradually. And as they contribute to the metabolism in the backbone then it also suffers. As a result – the intervertebral cartilages decay or in other words the osteochondrosis develops.

The area of the increased risk is the cervical spine. And this is not a surprise as arteries feeding the brain and nerve fibres that connect brain with the human body pass through the cervical spine. We cannot reject the idea that stone statues of the Rapanui island spent too much time sitting at the computer and didn’t caring about their health at all.

However let put the fun aside. What should be done in case you have to work but the health is only one? There are several common rules. The monitor should be placed straight in front of yourself so that its upper point was on the same height as your eyes or a bit higher. This will enable you to hold you head straight. The back should be leaned back a bit like the rider sits on the horse to decrease the load on the backbone. The hips should be bend at the right angle to the body and the knees – at the right angle to the hips.

The duration of the uninterrupted work at the PC is also quite important. It shouldn’t be over 2 hours after which a 15 minute rest is required. Stand up, walk a bit and bend several times backwards looking at the ceiling. But the most important is – perform several exercises to loosen up your neck like forward-backward and right-left bends.

Not everything you wish is positive for you. Your body requires a rational load and periodical rest. PC doesn’t matter in this situation.

About nerves or “Be calm!”

The beginners experience stress even when moving the mouse. However the experienced user cannot get rid of then either – accidental error and the loss of the data will drive crazy anyone. The mentality suffers every day due to not working software, viruses, negative information in the news and your own mistakes that were completely eliminated yesterday and today you have to solve this from the very beginning. Instead of acting gradually and wisely a person becomes nervous, annoying, and really able to perform inadequate actions.

How can we fight this?

Quite simple indeed. Such stress is easily treated with the same PC. You may simple listen to music and rest a bit. It is also possible to play your favorite game a bit with the aim to abstract your thoughts from the work and put them in order. You may watch some funny films or pictures to raise up your mood. You may chat with an interesting person a bit.

The nervous system is quite manageable one and it is quite useful to have appropriate skills. A human and a PC are quite similar. Both of them being born, both of them develops and pass various test, fell sick from time to time and adjust themselves to new situation. Thus we are not able to live without each other anymore, no matter what the situation is.

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