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Colchicine is one of the well-known gout medicines. What kind of disease is gout? Gout is a disease affecting the joints. Due to some imbalances in the body, high levels of uric acid in the blood cause this disease. This excessive concentration leads to deposits of uric acid crystals in various peripheral joints. Once enough crystals have accumulated, you will notice this by red, stiff and painful joints. Colchicine works by reducing the body’s inflammatory response, which makes your discomfort less.

What exactly is meant by colchicine?

Colchicine belongs to the group of drugs called gout medication. As explained above, gout is caused by a build-up of uric acid crystals and the body’s inflammatory response.

The active ingredient colchicine is integrated in the tablets. The fabric is a natural fabric of the autumn crocus. It is a poisonous plant, but in the right dose the substance is a valuable therapeutic agent for reducing the symptoms of gout and for treating an acute attack of gout. Higher dosages are toxic to the human organism.

The gout medication can effectively relieve the sometimes severe pain of an acute gout attack. Gout is a metabolic disease. If the uric acid in the blood exceeds a certain limit, parts of the uric acid precipitate as crystals and are deposited in the tissue. They preferably stay in the synovial fluid and act like sand in the gearbox.

The articular cartilage perishes due to the crystals. The joint then becomes inflamed. The body reacts against the uric acid crystals with an inflammatory reaction. He secretes white blood cells that release inflammatory messenger substances. These substances then migrate to the appropriate joints. Many patients complain of painful relapses that signal an inflammatory process in the joints.

Colchicine helps against these gout attacks. The white blood cells are specifically prevented from migrating to the focus of inflammation. Furthermore, colchicine prevents the cells from actively heating up an inflammatory reaction.

Despite the positive effects, colchicine is also a dangerous mitotic poison. The word mitosis describes cell division. In the human organism, the cells divide, which leads to a duplication. First, the chromosomes, your genetic material, double, so that the new daughter cells receive a complete set of chromosomes. Colchicine inhibits certain proteins. These proteins would be necessary for the division of the chromosomes, which means that the daughter cells are not viable and die.

Colchicine uptake / breakdown / excretion

After you have taken the tablets orally, the active substance enters the bloodstream through the intestinal wall. There it unfolds its effect on the white blood cells. For excretion, the kidneys as well as the bile (urine / stool) transport the active substance out of the body. About four to five hours after ingestion, half of the active ingredient has already left the body.

Colchicine works by reducing the inflammatory response in your body, which helps reduce discomfort.

Uses of colchicine

Colchicine is used to treat an acute gout attack and to prevent gout symptoms in patients who need uric acid-lowering medication.

However, other areas of application can be useful. Ask your doctor about it.

How does the correct intake work?

Doctors use colchicine for an acute gout attack. The therapy is intended for a short time. Use a quick intake for the best result. If you have an acute attack, start taking it as soon as possible. You can prevent gout attacks by taking colchicine for a long time.

The doctor will provide you with further information on how to proceed with a therapy. Always follow the doctor’s instructions and do not change the basis of therapy. The reason is that your health complaints and state of health are taken into account. The therapy is tailored to you personally.

Colchicine dosage

If your doctor doesn’t have any details, take colchicine as follows:

One tablet of colchicine contains 0.5 milligrams of colchicine / active ingredient.

For adults as follows

In the event of an acute gout attack: You start with two to three tablets. Thereafter, up to two tablets are taken every two to three hours. The maximum daily dose is 6 milligrams (this corresponds to around 15 to 16 tablets). You use this procedure until your pain subsides or when gastrointestinal complaints occur.

However, if the gout attack comes back quickly and you want to repeat treatment, there must be an interval of three days.

Short-term prophylaxis

In this case, use one tablet up to three times a day.

People with impaired kidney function

If you suffer from mild to moderate impairment of kidney function, use a reduced dose or extend the dose intervals.

People with severe renal insufficiency: You should not take it.

People with impaired liver function: You should be checked regularly by your doctor during therapy. Colchicine is not recommended for people with severe hepatic insufficiency.

Elderly patients, over 65 years of age

Use the product with particular caution. The dose may need to be reduced or the dose interval extended.

Patients over the age of 70 should only carry out long-term therapy with half the amount.

There are no studies in children and adolescents. Ask your doctor whether you should use the remedy. Colchicine is generally not recommended in this age group.

type of application

The tablets are intended for oral use. Swallow the tablets whole with water.

Forgot to take

You can take the forgotten tablet a little later. However, if it is time to take the next dose, skip the forgotten tablets. Never take a double dose to make up for a forgotten dose. Colchicine is harmful to your health in high concentrations.

Can you buy colchicine without a prescription?

No, a prescription is always required to buy colchicine. This can be requested by consulting the online pharmacy.

Possible side effects with taking colchicine

Like many other medicines, colchicine can cause side effects. These negative side effects do not affect all patients. Ask your doctor if you are concerned.

Possible side effects:

  • Gastrointestinal complaints such as stomach pain, vomiting or nausea
  • Skin irritation, such as itching or rash

Warning: Colchicine can be toxic in high concentrations. Please contact your doctor directly if you show signs of poisoning. These symptoms could include: a burning sensation in the throat, stomach pain, bloody stools or nausea. Provide direct information about which remedy you have taken. For more side effects, read the full list of the package leaflet.

Pregnancy / alcohol / ability to drive in connection with colchicine

It is not advisable to take colchicine during pregnancy. Colchicine puts the health of your fetus at risk. Do not start therapy if you are pregnant or want to become pregnant. Also keep this in mind when breastfeeding.

Remember that you should not eat / drink grapefruit juice or the fruit while using colchicine. Grapefruits increase the effectiveness of colchicine.

If you suffer from gout, it is advisable not to drink alcohol. The consumption of alcohol increases the production of uric acid and quickly triggers a gout attack.

Therapy with colchicine has no influence on the ability to drive. If you experience side effects such as dizziness, reconsider driving.

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