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Caverta is an oral medication that is formulated as the generic version of the ED medicine Viagra. Based on the active ingredient sildenafil, this oral drug is shown to be highly effective in helping males achieve a lasting erection. Used to combat erectile dysfunction, Caverta pills help to curb male impotence, and though safe and effective, should not be taken regularly.

To experience full results, it is recommended to take one Caverta pill 30 to 60 minutes prior to engaging in sexual intercourse. The maximum safe dosage is one pill every 24-hour period. The effects of the medication should last for approximately 4 hours.

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When buying Caverta on the internet, make sure that you are asked to answer several questions in the form of a reliable health form and that your order is checked by a qualified doctor.

Caverta Tablets – Medication Method to End Erectile Dysfunction

As a medicinal therapy to erectile dysfunction (ED), Caverta pills are evidently among the best in anti-impotence oral products. Males who suffer from impotence are unable to get penile hard on during intercourse and sexual arousal. What this medicine does is improving erectile function to enable erection. The penile erectness remains stable for 4 to 6 hours when the active ingredients work in blood system.

The mechanism of product revolves around few characteristics like eliminating PDE5 enzymes, and bettering blood circulation to soft and spongy muscles of male reproductive organ, achieving hard on within less than an hour. A person can buy Caverta online, anti-impotence tablet, and enjoy a great time in intimacy, getting away from ED safely.

Why Buy Caverta Online?

Purchasing ED medications from internet pharmacy allows ease of access, and secrecy. Not many females can get Caverta 100mg from nearby stores, as the tablet may be unavailable. In such circumstances woman can rather get the tablets over the website, which delivers products on doorstep. Full privacy guaranteed, and no personal details shared with others.

Working of Caverta

The main ingredient in the tablet is inhibitor of Phosphodiesterase Type 5 (PDE5) enzyme. This component dilates penile arteries, which remain blocked due to neural disorder, cholesterol plaques etc. It also works on spongy corpora cavernosa tissues and muscles in male reproductive organ responsible in giving erection. By diminishing PDE5 enzymes, the pill increases blood seep to vacant penile chambers, which needs to be filled for apt hard on. This way, tablet makes a man receive strong hard on within a matter of 40 to 60 minutes, sometimes even in lesser duration.

  • When the medicine acts in blood system, it helps in widening penile arteries to enhance blood circulation to male reproductive organ. Caverta makes body release enough nitric oxide, which is placed in penile nerve ending to allow appropriate neural transmission. All this occurs, only when the man is sexually excited.
  • Nitric oxide from erectile tissues now boosts generation of guanylate cyclase enzyme, which in turn gives a surge to the release of the chemical, cyclic guanosine monophosphate (cGMP). This enzyme relaxes male phallus’s blood vessels, filling these with blood to pump up the erectile chamber to erectness.
  • With PDE5 enzyme inhibited, blood flow normalized, and relaxed penile organ, the erection caused lasts for 6 hours under the effect of Caverta tablets. Cyclic guanosine monophosphate enzyme also aids in eliminating PDE5 enzyme (reason to male reproductive organ limpness after climax or during impotence), bringing on possibility of satisfactory lovemaking.

Caverta tablets Dosage

The anti-ED medication is an oral product, which has to be wholly gulped down from mouth with water. Men can buy Caverta online of required dosage, to receive the product at given address. Approximate time taken for the medicine to work is half an hour to 60 minutes. And, the pill needs to be consumed an hour before sexual arousal or intercourse. Dosage strength is Caverta 100mg, but lower doses may be considered for men with health issues. Only one tablet is to be taken in 24 hours. However, there is no strict day to day or regular consumption cycle for the medicine.

  • The user should not take overdose. If overdose happens, then medical attention may be required. The signs of excessive consumption of Caverta are chest pain, nausea, too much of lightheadedness, irregular heartbeat, cardiovascular problems, unconsciousness etc. These pills are not meant for children, women, pets, nonusers, and men not suffering from ED.
  • High cholesterol or fatty meal is not recommended before intake of Caverta 100mg. If the precaution is not adhered, then central nervous system is affected, delaying positive outcomes of erection. Also, the user must not drink alcohol or smoke during the medication course. The product is not for recreation, as it may produce severe side effects.
  • During the regimen, do not drink grapefruit juice, or combine the tablet with amyl, nitrates, butyl nitrate, alpha blocker, medicines for fungal infection, cardiovascular issues, convulsions, seizures, certain eye conditions etc.

Side Effects of Caverta

Men are able to tolerate anti-ED tablets normally. But, sometimes consumers can experience few consequences such as dizziness, face flushing, headache, indigestion, nasal congestion, drowsiness, tiredness, vomiting, and diarrhea etc. Few rare serious effects to Caverta tablets include burning sensation on urination, heartburn, blood in urine, unusual heartbeat, urinary tract infections, sensitivity to light, blue tint in vision, nose bleed, fainting etc.

  • If an individual has allergic reaction to pill, he can get skin welts, rashes, redness, irritation, swelling in mouth, difficulty breathing etc. Men with heart illnesses taking this product can get cardiac stroke, extreme sweating and breathing problems.
  • Those from 60 above age group sometimes may show intolerance to Caverta 100mg. They can consider a lower dose if any complications are noticed. The side effects are not long lasting, and most of the users never experience any. But, if these occur, it is easy to deal with these problems.

Precautions for Caverta

Those who take angina medicines, nitrates, should not consume anti-ED medicines, as it may lower blood pressure to dangerous levels. Men suffering from liver/kidney problems, heart issues, restricted from sex, blood system/pressure condition, hypertension, and weak immune/metabolism system, allergic to the tablet should not buy Caverta online for treating impotence. Also, Caverta is not meant to protect against sexually transmitted diseases, HIV, taken for recreation or used for birth control. Remember, the medicine only functions, when sexual excitement is there.

Do not combine Caverta tablets with certain antibiotics like diltiazem, verapamil, rifampicin, ulcer treating medicines such as cimetidine, and anti-fungal agents (ketaconazole and itraconazole), amlodipine, saquinavir, erythromycin, ritonavir for HIV, etc.

Anti-ED pills are not recommended for men with retinitis pigmentosa, NAION (non-arteritic anterior ischaemic optic neuropathy), severe psychological diseases, and serious spinal cord injury.

Men under Caverta influence should not drive vehicles, physically workout excessively, operate motor/heavy machines, and perform extreme sports etc. to prevent any risks at injuries, as the tablet may cause dizziness, making such activities threatening for health.

How Long to Take Caverta tablets?

As discussed, no strict dosage is needed for anti-impotence cure. The person has to take Caverta 100 mg, only if impotence episode effects. But, the pill has to be consumed an hour ago intimacy for best results. There are not much concrete reports about any complications in men using anti-ED pills for months or years together. But, those having health issues and queries can contact a doctor to know what dosage strength and duration of regimen is suited for their body.

Are there any Food Restrictions to Caverta?

Apart from prohibition of drinking alcohol, fatty edibles, and smoking, there is no particular restriction on diet before and immediately after Caverta intake. But, it is advisable to eat healthy and a light meal, if required, prior to use of anti-ED medicines. However, the pill works well even on empty stomach. Avoid junk edibles, sugary, and cholesterol content meals as much as possible during medication regimen.

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