What is an aphrodisiac?

What is an aphrodisiac?

Aphrodisiacs are medicines that increase sexual arousal and affect romantic feelings that exist in both women and men. Even if you say aphrodisiac in a word, there are people who imagine medieval magical medicine from its wording, but in modern times it is a product in the field that has been researched and developed and can …

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Aphrodisiac Drinks

Aphrodisiac Drinks

Drinking type aphrodisiac Drinkable aphrodisiacs include tablets, jellies, liquid types, and candies. There are various types, such as chocolate-flavored ones and tasteless and odorless ones. Since it is taken into the body, it is easy to have a direct effect. Drinking aphrodisiacs already existed in Japan during the Edo period, and at that time they were used …

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Aphrodisiac perfume

Aphrodisiac perfume

Perfume type aphrodisiac Perfume-type aphrodisiacs have the effect of bringing you closer to the opposite sex by wearing attractive scents and scents and raising the mood between men and women. When you hear the term perfume type, it seems that it is not as effective as other types of aphrodisiacs that you drink or apply, …

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What is oxytocin?

Oxytocin is a hormone secreted by the posterior pituitary gland of the brain and is secreted by both men and women. It is also called ” happiness hormone ” or ” love hormone ” because it is secreted when you touch a person, feel a sense of security, or like someone. It is also famous as a hormone that …

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What is mint (Mentha)?

Mentha is a perennial herb that grows in damp places and is cultivated all over the world including in Europe and Japan. It is an herb of the Labiatae family and the genus Mentha. The stems, roots, and leaves of mentha contain a lot of menthols (a component peculiar to mentha) and have a refreshing feeling. …

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