Black garlic as a natural sexual enhancer

Black garlic

The black or fermented garlic is offered in many delicatessen shops as a delicacy. In addition to its unique taste, it should be extremely healthy. A positive effect of garlic and especially of black garlic is the potency-increasing effect. 

This type of garlic is not actually a plant species, but rather the conventional white garlic, which is known as Allium sativum. The tuber gets its black color from the special fermentation process. To produce the fermented garlic, it is exposed to a very high humidity of 80 to 90 percent and a temperature of 60 to 80 degrees for several weeks. The fermentation process is often used in food production and this is what causes the plant to turn black. The health benefits of garlic have long been known. This also applies to the minor inconveniences associated with consuming the healthy clove of garlic. 

But with the fermented garlic, which arises through an aging process, more benefits can be extracted. Compared to normal garlic, the black fruit is completely odorless and has no aftertaste. which arises from an aging process, more benefits can be extracted.

When should black garlic be taken?

Garlic has positive health effects. Regular consumption of regular garlic can suppress the growth of fungi, bacteria, and viruses. This is the antioxidant effect. Blood coagulation is also influenced, the risk of cancer is reduced, and blood pressure and cholesterol levels are also positively influenced. However, since only small amounts of white garlic are usually consumed, the effects should not be overestimated.

The black and treated garlic has a very high proportion of antioxidants that can strengthen the immune system and at the same time slow down the aging process. It also has a number of health-promoting substances, which is why it is used to treat a large number of diseases.

The effect of garlic on blood circulation is well known. This accelerates the metabolism and dilates the blood vessels. This aspect lowers the risk of heart attacks and strokes. Therefore, especially people who suffer from cardiovascular diseases should consume black garlic regularly. The vasodilating property also has a positive effect on male potency. Several independent studies have shown that garlic increases the production of nitric oxide (NO), the component in the male body that is responsible for an erection.

Consumption of food is also recommended in the case of high cholesterol, high blood pressure, and diabetes.

Garlic contains many health-promoting substances and has very few side effects that it can also be taken preventively. For example, garlic is also suitable for preventing colds or obesity in the liver.

What effects does black garlic promise?

The active ingredient thiacremonone contained in garlic has an anti-allergic and anti-inflammatory effect, as the immune system is desensitized to allergy-causing substances.

The active ingredient is now used in the treatment of various types of cancer, especially leukemia, and gastric and intestinal cancer, a positive effect has been identified.

Women who suffer from endometriosis have already had good experiences with fermented garlic. According to a meta-analysis from 2016, garlic preparations reduce systolic blood pressure in hypertensive patients by an average of 9 mmHg and in diastolic blood pressure by around 6 mmHg.

In other studies, however, 30 percent of the patients did not respond to such therapy. However, the scientists came to the conclusion that extracts from black garlic can effectively lower blood pressure.

What are the side effects of taking black garlic?

Black garlic is a purely natural product without any chemical additives, so the number of side effects is particularly low and manageable.

In rare cases, people are allergic to garlic. If you are taking black garlic for the first time, you should therefore start with small doses. Heartburn, gas, diarrhea, vomiting, and nausea may occur if taken on an empty stomach. However, symptoms almost never occur in people who have healthy digestive tracts. However, anyone who suffers from blood pressure must expect dizziness and headaches.

During breastfeeding and pregnancy, you should always be careful with the intake of garlic preparations and raw garlic, as there are currently not enough studies on the risks. In general, there is nothing to be said against the daily intake in small doses, but the antihypertensive effect should not be forgotten.

How long is the duration of use of black garlic until the first results are achieved?

How long-fermented garlic has to be taken before there are significant changes in health depends on a wide variety of factors. Patients notice an effect that stimulates blood circulation very quickly, but it may take a while for other effects.

A study by the Cardiology Research Center in Moscow found a reduction in total cholesterol of around 7 percent in the subjects after twelve weeks of therapy with black garlic.

The placebo effect can also play an important role. An effect can occur more quickly in patients who have good faith in success.

In the case of finished products, the most important thing is the dose and also which components the product contains. There are also various statements on the question of how long the dietary supplement can be taken. The statements of the individual manufacturers vary between 3 to 6 months for black garlic.

Where does black garlic come from? Where is it grown or dismantled?

  • Since black garlic is a processed bulb, the origin is of particular importance.
  • The garlic comes from Central Asia. Already the Romans brought this to Europe as an important spice, from where it then spread all over the world. 
  • Cultivated or wild garlic can now be found everywhere where there is a warm and dry climate.
  • Because of its strong robust nature, it is easy to plant. If you want to save money or make the black garlic yourself, you can also do this in the garden. 
  • The garlic needs warm, loose soil in a sunny location. Spring and autumn are ideal times to plant these. 
  • The seeds should be planted at a distance of about 10 to 15 centimeters and 2 to 3 centimeters deep into the ground.
  • The quickest way to make it on its own is to use the finished garlic cloves. 
  • Alternatively, you can use the bulb that the garlic forms at its tip, but then you have to wait two years until the bulbs are ready for harvest.

What does the base product of black garlic look like?

Black garlic is not a separate variety, it is fermented garlic. The starting product is therefore the classic white clove of garlic. The main growing countries for this are China, Spain, France, Italy, and Egypt. Besides Asian countries, fermentation takes place mainly in Spain. After all, it’s the same tuber – it’s just fermented.

This is a process that will get the most out of this plant. The white garlic is stored in special chambers at around 70 degrees and under the exclusion of air for several weeks to months. There is enough time for the microorganisms and enzymes in the garlic to be active and to ferment the toes naturally. During the process, the fresh garlic is naturally aged or fermented for several days under precise conditions (heat and air). During the fermentation process, amino acids and sugars in garlic produce melanoidins, yellow-brown to almost black-colored, nitrogen-containing compounds that cause the black color.

This fermentation gives the garlic a particularly soft, sometimes almost sticky consistency. The taste is more in the sweet regions. The aroma can be compared with tones of licorice, plums, and traces of balsamic vinegar. The garlic tastes pleasantly mild and goes perfectly with fish, meat, or vegetables. This also gives the garlic butter on the fermented vegetables an extraordinary note. In the background, only a slight taste of garlic can be perceived. This is a new aromatic composition that is incomparable and unique.

After the harvest, the tubers are first cleaned and sorted. These are placed in a special chamber for fermentation. Here the garlic cloves are stored at high humidity, temperatures around 70 degrees Celsius, and at the same time in the absence of air for a few weeks. It can also be up to three months, depending on the manufacturer. During this time, a fermentation process takes place with the help of enzymes and microorganisms contained in garlic. The tubers change and become darker over time until they are finally black.

The initially rather crunchy toes become smaller and softer and take on a gelatinous consistency. The taste also changes. The fermented garlic does not taste spicy, but rather sweet. The characteristic garlic taste of these fermented products is only weak and the connoisseur no longer has a garlic plume after consumption. This is mainly due to the fact that the allicin content as a sulfur compound, which is responsible for the garlic taste, decreases sharply during fermentation. The fermented garlic is usually more tolerable than the white variant.

What other names and names is black garlic known?

The term “Black Garlic” is often used for black garlic. This unusual specialty from Spain is also called “Parra” here. One brand name is IRJIMPA.

What are the ingredients in black garlic?

The sulfur-containing ingredients in black garlic are very important. After all, garlic is therefore healthy for the blood vessels and the heart, and it is precisely these sulfur substances that cause unpleasant odors.

The natural aging process of garlic has no negative effects on its ingredients. The radical scavenging properties and the tolerance of fermented black garlic and the nutritional supplements in capsules exceed those of white garlic.

Are there similar medicinal plants or herbs that work like black garlic?

Onions also belong to the garlic cultures. These are similar to plants and absorb analogous micro-elements. These are affected by the identical pathologies and emit corresponding elements into the soil. The onion is also beneficial to health.

In which form can you buy black garlic on the market?

The food supplements with black garlic are offered in the form of tablets, juice, or capsules, usually in combination with other ingredients such as Aronia, mistletoe, citrus fruits, hawthorn, or vitamins B1 and C and are just as good as traditional medicines.
For many preparations – including fermented garlic – there have not yet been any rejected or approved claims.

Nevertheless, the statements must be scientifically correct and verifiable – based on the product or the preparation of the garlic. Otherwise, it is a deceptive advertisement.

Some products with black garlic also contain vitamin B1 or C, for which there are approved claims. For example, vitamin B1 is responsible for the normal cardiac function or, for vitamin C, the function of blood vessels and cell protection.

It also helps against oxidative stress and reduces symptoms of exhaustion and tiredness.

What is the recommended consumption of black garlic as a NEM?

With raw black garlic, the patient can eat up to two cloves a day. However, if you have sensitive digestion, you should not eat the toes on an empty stomach.

For the preparations, the dose is based on the individual manufacturer’s instructions. Basically: 300 to 1300 milligrams per day can be taken as a dry extract. When consumed as an oil, it is 2 milligrams a day.

In the event of health problems or for the treatment of existing diseases, you should always consult your doctor, as possible interactions with medication can occur.

Applied locally, garlic has a strong irritant effect on mucous membranes and the skin. Fermented garlic does not carry the risk of these undesirable effects. Unlike the white relative, it also does not interact with chemical anticoagulants. People who depend on such drugs should consume a maximum of 4 grams of garlic or 3 milligrams of allicin per day. This is the equivalent of a large clove of garlic.

Is there anything to consider when buying black garlic?

There is a multitude of garlic products on the market, all of which promise almost the same thing, but cost different amounts. The individual preparations can be differentiated on the basis of two criteria. The allicin content is always important here.

The higher the allicin content, the better the health effect. Allicin can be recognized by its smell because this substance ensures that the garlic smells unpleasant, which means that products with this strong odor have a very high proportion of allicin. However, the industry has now developed processes to counteract the formation of the odor.

If the manufacturer does not provide any information on the allicin content, he can also pay attention to the proportion of garlic extract.

To increase the effect of black garlic, mistletoe, hawthorn, and rutin are often added to the extract. Hawthorn in particular supports the antihypertensive effects of garlic. Mistletoe is good for all patients who suffer from hay fever and also strengthens the heart.

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