Biorhythms: myths and real facts


According to widespread idea there are changing black and white periods within the human life. In case you are upset today, unsuccessful in everything and feeling yourself quite badly then you’d wait for a better period soon to come. However it doesn’t happen this way always. But there is real certain pattern.

What are these black and white periods are defined by? Or in other words what is our health and mood up to?  

Biorhythm types

Physical biorhythm regulates physical and sexual activity, strength, speed, coordination, endurance. Everyday we see the examples of the above said facts. Every football fan knows the sacred words of the commentator that this or that football player plays badly today. Commonly this is directly concerned with the phase of the physical biorhythm of the player.

Emotional biorhythm affects the emotion tension, poignancy of sensation and sensitivity at whole. Probably everyone noticed that the same person may turn to be quite delicacy and comprehensive but in other situation this person will remain completely indifferent. Now, do you understand why such mood changes occur?

Intellectual biorhythm is responsible for intellectual abilities, lucidity of mind and keenness of memory. Overfalls of this biorhythm are quite acquainted to those people involved into scientific area. Sometimes it happens so that any task even the most complicated one is managed to be solved easily. And vice versa, sometimes it is quite impossible to concentrate in making the simplest task and finish it properly. Biorhythms are the matter…

Three biorhythms theory

Cycles are very important in the human life. Just imagine. Recurrence is one of the most essence features of the universe. There are daily, seasonal, annual cycles. The solar as well as its system planets motion are cyclic. So, about 100 years ago appeared a theory of three biorhythms. The authors of the theory were western scientists – Hermann Swoboda, Wilhelm Fliess and Friedrich Teltscher. It is interesting that Swoboda and Fliess reached similar results working separately. Psychologist from Vien – Swoboda noticed that thoughts, ideas and impulses of his patients repeat with certain periodicity. He traced it and finally resumed – the physical cycle rhythm is 22 days, and the mental one lasts for 27 days.

Wilhelm Flies – an otolaryngologist from Berlin reached the same results in other way. He got interested in body resistance to infectious processes. How we can explain the fact that children with similar diagnoses and approximately equal immunity experience diseases differently. Some of them overcome it quite easily and the others may get a lethal final. It is quite obvious that the matter is in the place of the patient in the certain time period.

Somebody is in the favorable phase of the certain cycle and somebody isn’t. But how the initial point of such cycle could be revealed? Accumulating the data of diseases development Fliess corresponded it with the birth date of the person. The observations showed the immunity dependence of the 22-days physical and 27-days mental biorhythm. You see, this completely coincides with the Hermann Swoboda discovery.

But this doesn’t stop the development of scientific idea. Fliess and Swoboda theory made the Insbruck instructor Friedrich Teltscher start his own researches. He started to observe his students. And soon these observations appeared in certain results. For instance it was revealed that the ability of the students to conceive and systematize information as well as generate their own ideas changes permanently. Besides it changes within quite strict time periods. Considering these conclusions Teltscher compared the birth date of every student with his progress results. All this have led to intellectual biorhythm definition. It equaled to 32 days.

Minimum and maximum

Biorhythm may be imagined as the sinusoid or several waves. The lowest point of such wave is the minimum and the highest one – the maximum. In case minimums are commonly characterized by the decreased powers, inertia and the lack of positive emotions then the maximum enables the person to completely reveal itself and its abilities. Each cycle contents two minimums and two maximums.

The minimums are especially important. Wilhelm Fliess defined them as follows: “The solid stream of the human being substance includes certain natural fractures – entrance gates for a new life, disease or death”. What we intake within these days will fill our whole interior. We shouldn’t forget that the duration of different biorhythms differs. It may happen when several minimums will coincide. This is what we call hard times, the days when everything is quite wretched. But in case several maximums coincide then you’ll be able to do great things.

How often it doesn’t coincide…

So, no we know something about personal human biorhythms. In this case a question about two human biorhythms arises. How the recurrence may affect the relationships? And is it possible to define a certain formula that will help to get long-expected harmony in various situations?

So, it is perfect when biorhythms are compatible. This is the one of the solid families and successful business partnership secrets. When we hear: “They’ve really found each other”, it is often due to their personal biorhythms are compatible. And what should be done in case there is no such compatibility? The partnership may be broken of course. And the family life?

The lack of convergence in intellectual biorhythm mainly tells upon the man behavior. He becomes self-contained, overuse spirits, becomes unfaithful in conjugality. In such case a lot is up to wife. She has to be tactful, and to understand the recurrence of the husband conditions and take an attempt to adjust it no matter how difficult it might be.

And the lack of convergence in emotional biorhythms mainly affects the women. Those days the partner especially requires attention women becomes self-restrained and chilly. Moreover she stops to pay any attention to her own appearance, looks badly, becomes irritable and unstable. Now it is husband’s turn to become tactful.

The most dramatic case of the lack of coincidence relates to the physical biorhythms. The incompatibility of such biorhythm leads to increased sexual dissatisfaction of the partners. In this case it is quite difficult to save the family. We need to say that such lack of coincidence commonly prevents relationships from the moment of the acquaintance and the problem is being sold naturally. But in case it doesn’t occur then you will have to do something.

Biorhythms for women

According to the practice women often consider the biorhythms theory with prejudice. Unfortunately though… The awareness of personal cycles will help woman to maintain her attraction for a longer period of time. For instance, the efficiency of the cosmetic procedures almost directly depends of the biorhythms.

The matter is not every hour within the day is equally suitable for the skin care. The most favorable time is between 8 – 13 hours o’clock. Skin surface is more receptive to various preparations within these hours. After 21.00 a serotonin – sleep hormone is actively produced. Thus the whole body tonus including the skin one decreases rapidly. The experts advice to remove daily make up before 21.00.

However to keep a good health and fresh and attractive appearance we need to know a bit more. Daily biorhythms have a great impact as well. The correct scheduling within a day will help to avoid many problems and troubles. What should be concerned when we talk about the daily biorhythm?

First of all, remember that the period between 6 and 7 a.m. is most favorable for waking up. Many people know that oversleeping this time leads to real troubles in waking up. Here you may raise an objection – What should “lark” and “owl” do? Strange though but this period is quite optimal for both of them. And the fact that “owl” fall asleep quite later is another matter at all. Due to this they will feel tired already in the middle of the workday.

However in case they will commensurate their lifestyle with daily cycle then it is able to avoid this tiredness at all. It is better to change the intellectual activity for a physical one from 16 till 18 p.m. and you tiredness will disappear. And vice versa you’d better concentrate on serious matters from 10 till 12 a.m. this time is most favorable for intellectual activity. And you may manage to do a lot within these hours.

In case you cannot refuse of alcohol then you’d better get drink between 18 – 20 p.m. The liver effectively handles fusel oils and other products of spirits disintegration within this period of time. And after 22 p.m. it is better to limit any activity at all. Since this moment the protective body powers weaken. And it is the time to go to bed.

Personal chronotop

By the way biorhythms include not only those three ones we considered above. Many people consider this with various life cycles. According to this approach our body is affected by seasonal, daily, weekly and perennial biorhythms. Those willing to live in harmony with outward things have to consider these cycles anyway.

The fail of such cycle breaks the harmony and correspondingly may lead to the consequences quite negative for your health. One of the most popular example of such fail is the disorder of sleep and watch time. Many people have experienced that breaking out of the personal scheduling the health will worsen and the internal discomfort will appear.

Considering above mentioned facts it is quite important to define your personal chronotop. What is implied here? Nothing but those quite popular definitions of people like “lark”, “owl” and others situated between them. First of all define your own chronotop and then try to adjust to it. However do not forget: after 50 years the biorhythm structure changes quite often. So, those used to be “owl” experience certain features that are quite typical for “larks” and vice versa.

All this leads to misbalance of important body functions and consequently to early aging. Is it possible to fight this process? Yes, it is. And the means of the fight are well known. First of all it is an adequate ration, the use of all vitamins our body needs. Shortly healthy lifestyle is the security of the permanency of your biorhythms within the years.

Trust but monitor those you are trusting?

How should be the biorhythms theory considered at all? Is there any sense to take a pencil and try thoroughly to figure out and forecast your conditions? It is quite complicated to answer this question definitely. It is unlikely worth to take the responsibility and advice everyone to figure out their cycles and draw strange scripts. Biorhythms were very popular in 70-s of XX century but the situation has changed nowadays.

There are many discussions about the justice of the biorhythms theory. Some refuse it and another support it fanatically. We don’t adhere nor one neither the other point of view. But since this theory is so popular there is a sense to understand it. The human life is manifold no doubt. There is no real chance to figure it out by cycles and days.

But on the other hand the person is able to have a possibility to understand the reason of his different feeling in two similar conditions. Probably the reason is in biorhythms indeed. But this is not the only factor that our condition and health up to. Therefore practice disproves theory too often. At the same time there is nothing bad in the will to monitor yourself; maybe there is a real reason to figure out something in this or that specific situation. And in case there is a possibility not to plan something serious within extreme cycle period – then it’d better to follow it.

However everyone is free in its choice…

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