Best Natural Supplements and Vitamins For Erectile Strength

Best Natural Supplements and Vitamins For Erectile Strength

Presumably, you must have been through a lot of information out there on the Internet about some supplements that claim to give better erections and/or improve sexual libido. But, to be true, it is just a myth bubble that some companies are using to make money.

Hey wait, we did not say no supplement could help. Some recent studies speculated that there are some ED supplements and vitamins for erectile strength boost in men.

These vitamins and supplements do not work as if a prescribed ED medication or a specific treatment, but they help by improving common factors that contribute to the development of erectile or other sexual problems in men.

So, what these natural supplements and vitamins for male erectile strength are? Let’s talk out about them!

What is erectile dysfunction?

  • Before we dive into some natural supplements for ED or vitamins for your erectile strength, let’s first have an overview of what erectile dysfunction is, and what sort of treatment could help with it.
  • Erectile dysfunction also known as ED or male impotence is a common male sexual disorder throughout ageing .
  • A recent 2014 mentioned that over 75% men in the United States are affected by some strength of erectile dysfunction.
  • Though erectile dysfunction is a common male sexual disorder throughout aging as men’s arterial health is affected and even emotional conditions such as stress, depression, low self-esteem and other relationship problems also begin to cause trouble with sexual libido.

Do supplements and vitamins work or erectile strength?

  • Well, some do: not in a way as prescription based oral medications or other medical treatment do, but by dealing with the underlying factor that contributes to ED in a person.
  • Like there are several physical and psychological health conditions that may trigger erectile dysfunction in men, such supplements and vitamins might help cope up with them and eventually have a positive outcome for erection issues indeed.
  • Well, several recent studies have also speculated that vitamin deficiency is one of the major causes of erectile dysfunction development in men throughout ageing.
  • On the other hand, some supplements have aphrodisiac properties and are said to support testosterone boost as well– which may help a man struggling to maintain an erection due to low sexual libido.

Best vitamins for erectile strength

  • We are finally into it– you have been waiting for this, right? So here it is.
  • But wait, there must be logic behind starting with any vitamin intake for erectile strength and we will tell you one.
  • The Institute of Medicine in a 2011 study referred to men with vitamin deficiency who were more likely to develop different health conditions which also include erectile dysfunction.
  • Indeed, a recent study mentioned that over 67% men with these vitamins deficiency also had some strength of erectile dysfunction (ED).
  • So what vitamins are there to help you with ED?

      Vitamin D

  • According to health institutes, men and women require 15 mg of vitamin D intake every day. And when the body deficits this amount, your body tends to trigger related health conditions which are likely with bones but are also found to have an impact on erectile health.
  • Even researchers have found that vitamin D deficiency in men is one of the factors that may contribute to ED.
  • Vitamin D3 is said to support adequate blood flow in arteries or vessels which may facilitate healthy erection.

      Vitamin C

  • Vitamin C or you can say ascorbic acid is an essential nutrient a person require. But did you know, vitamin C could also help facilitate male erection? Because vitamin C is an antioxidant rich essential, it can boost nitric oxide (NO) levels in the body and eventually help drive better erections.
  • Well, if you do not know, once our stimulus hinders stimulation to the brain, the brain causes penile blood arteries to widen as to flow adequate blood to penile tissues (corpus cavernosa) to fill and develop a firm erection.
  • Men with erectile dysfunction have contracted penile blood arteries which affect blood flow, so do erection. Vitamin C in here can boost nitric oxide (oxide that maintains vessels health) in the arteries to help with erection.
  • Since most healthy foods we eat have some amount of vitamin C, but if you are diagnosed to have vitamin C deficiency, supplementing 500-1000 mg of vitamin C is good to go with.

      Vitamin B3 and B9

  • Vitamin B3 also known as Niacin is an essential for vascular health. Since our cardiovascular health has an impact on our blood circulation, vitamin B3 can ultimately have an effect on erectile health.
  • On the other hand, Vitamin B9 or folic acid is linked to support nitric oxide production which obviously improves male erectile function.
  • Well, if you are looking for B3 and B9 separately, we would suggest going for a vitamin B complex which will look into your overall B vitamin intake.

Natural supplements for ED

  • Both L-arginine and L-citrulline are a great source of natural amino acid which is known to boost nitric oxide (NO) in one’s body.
  • As the question goes whether there is any natural supplement that could help with erection issues– the answer goes yes, there are.
  • Some of these ED supplements also have a similar working mechanism and effect as if FDA approved Viagra, Cialis, and Levitra ED medications.

L-arginine and L-citrulline

  • Both L-arginine and L-citrulline are a great source of natural amino acid which is known to boost nitric oxide (NO) in one’s body.
  • Because, better nitric oxide levels have a straight connection with healthy erections.
  • On intake, our body converts amino acid into nitric oxide which may facilitate better erections by helping to relax and widen penile blood vessels.
  • Indeed, if you are looking for a natural source, watermelon contains a good amount of citrulline: you may give that a try.

Horny goat weed (Icariin)

  • Horny goat weed also known as and containing Icariin is a traditional Chinese medicinal herb which is commonly used for thousands of years to treat low sexual libido and fatigue.
  • Icariin is also found in a study to have a mild capacity to inhibit PDE-5 (causes penile arteries to contract due to ED).
  • Horny goat weed (Icariin) can be taken as an alternative to prescription ED drugs,  200 mg Sildenafil citrate    Cialis 60 mg  and Levitra . Moreover, make sure that you are intaking the right dose: know how much Icariin equals Viagra and other ED drugs; and intake an appropriate dose.


  • Yohimbe also known as Yohimbine is a bark from African yohimbe plants. This supplementing a 2015 medicinal review is found to have good aphrodisiac and male enhancing ability.
  • Though yohimbe has no evidence to work as if a PDE-5 inhibitor but men with low sexual libido can definitely intake yohimbe for better erection and to last long in bed.

Korean red ginseng

  • Korean red ginseng also known as panax ginseng is the one science-backed natural ED supplement which is proven to drive significant improvement in male erection.
  • Indeed, red ginseng is being used for male erection issues for years. Korean red ginseng is also called the herbal Viagra for its similar working mechanism and effect as if Viagra (sildenafil) on male erection.


  • DHEA or dehydroepiandrosterone is a natural hormone which is produced in our adrenal glands. DHEA is one of the supplements that could boost testosterone and Estrogen levels in body.
  • Because a male sexual function relies pretty much on his testosterone levels, testosterone deficiency could also affect overall sexual function. Here, DHEA supplementation might help out.

Other ED treatments

  • Well, natural ED supplements are vitamins for erectile strength are not all that could help, approved mediational and surgical options could also be for help.
  • Most commonly, prescription PDE-5 inhibitors such as Viagra (sildenafil), Generic Cialis 60 mg Tadalafil , and Generic Levitra 60 mg (vardenafil) are the first-line mediational treatments that work by relaxing and widening penile arteries for healthy erection.
  • Or, even there are penile implants, alprostadil penile injections, enhancer vacuum device, and testosterone replacement therapy and other proven treatment options.
  • While, talking about discussed supplements and vitamins for erectile strength, their supplementation might not be suitable for some and may trigger adverse effects– in such, considering other ED treatments are mandatory.


  • Though not all supplements that claim to improve your erectile strength or boost sexual libido work really in the way, but of course, there are some research-backed natural supplements and vitamins for erectile strength.
  • Supplements and vitamins might not work similarly how a prescription PDE-5i medication would do. But, they might fix your underlying ED causes and if there is any essentials-deficiency that is keeping you from recovering.
  • Well, Vitamin D, C, B3 and B9 supplementation could be helpful to drive good erectile function. And on the other hand, supplements such as Panax ginseng, DHEA, yohimbe, and horny goat weed (icariin) could also do the job for you.
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