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What is Atorvastatin?

Atorvastatin tablets help to reduce ‘bad’ cholesterol levels in the body and reduces the risk of the health complications associated with high cholesterol. It is part of the group of medications known as statins. By limiting the body’s ability to produce ‘bad’ low density lipoprotein cholesterol and promoting the increase of ‘good’ high density lipoprotein cholesterol, Atorvastatin can reduce the overall risk of heart complications in the long term.

How does Atorvastatin work?

The liver naturally produces cholesterol to aid the function and form of certain cells in the body. This good type of cholesterol is known as HDL (high-density lipoproteins) and your body actually produces almost all of the cholesterol you need on a daily basis. Excess cholesterol in the body may be converted by the liver to LDL (low-density lipoproteins) and this is the type that can lead to the arteries being clogged and can increase the risk of heart problems. Atorvastatin helps to block the enzymes in the liver that produce LDL cholesterol and works to address the imbalance in cholesterol types that can cause vascular problems.


If there are high levels of cholesterol in the body especially ‘bad’ (LDL) cholesterol, then wax like substances can build up in the arteries increasing the change of coronary diseases. Fortunately as with other statin medications, Atorvastatin can help to:

  • Reduce cholesterol levels in instances where lifestyle changes have not been sufficient
  • Reduce the long term risk of heart disease, stroke or angina

Atorvastatin (generic Lipitor) can help to reduce the levels of bad cholesterol in the body thereby increasing life expectancy in the case of heart related illnesses linked with high cholesterol.

Who can use it?

Most people over the age of 18 suffering from high cholesterol can buy Atorvastatin online safely. Ensure you indicate any other medications that you may be using in the consultation as some combinations may affect the efficacy of Atorvastatin. This can include certain antibiotics or supplements that have an effect on the immune system, or treatments that already have an effect on the body’s blood pressure.

Who cannot use it?

It is not recommended to buy Atorvastatin online If you are:

  • Currently pregnant or breastfeeding
  • Over the age of 70
  • Suffering from any problem with your liver or kidneys
  • Currently using ciclosporin, calcium blockers, fibrates or antibiotics
  • Allergic to the active ingredient of the treatment (atorvastatin calcium)

If you feel unwell after using this treatment then contact your doctor as soon as possible. Ensure you indicate if you have diabetes or increased blood sugar levels when you are completing your online consultation.


Ensure you also read the information leaflet before you start using the treatment. When using Atorvastatin, it is advised that you:

  • Take the medication at a regular time each day with or without food.
  • Take the tablet with water and swallow whole, do not break it
  • Do not take the medication after consuming large amounts of alcohol and ensure that grapefruit is not consumed, as the combination can be harmful.

Ensure you take your medication as soon as you remember if you ever forget a dose. If you don’t remember till the next day then skip the dose and continue as normal the following day. Never make up for a missed dosage by taking two tablets at once. Only use this treatment as directed, ensure you read the attached patient leaflet so that you are aware of any side-effects associated with the treatment.

Atorvastatin Side Effects

Similar to with most prescription treatments, using Atorvastatin may produce certain side effects. These are rare and should subside as your body becomes accustomed to the treatment. These symptoms can include:

  • Diarrhoea, upset stomach, vomiting or muscle and joint pain

Most side-effects are not severe but if any persist then you should stop using the treatment and seek medical guidance as soon as possible.

Can I buy Atorvastatin online without prescription?

You can buy Atorvastatin online from Meds4All after completing our quick online consultation. As this is a prescription treatment, a prescription is required to receive the treatment, fortunately the doctor provides this as part of our online service. After filling out out free online consultation, one of our registered doctors ensures that the medication is safe and suitable for you to use. Once approved a prescription is automatically provided to our UK pharmacy where your treatment is packaged and dispatched to your chosen address for same or next day delivery.

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