Aphrodisiac perfume

Aphrodisiac perfume

Perfume type aphrodisiac

Perfume-type aphrodisiacs have the effect of bringing you closer to the opposite sex by wearing attractive scents and scents and raising the mood between men and women.

When you hear the term perfume type, it seems that it is not as effective as other types of aphrodisiacs that you drink or apply, but one of the major factors that makes humans feel romantic is “smell”. It can be said that it is one of the elements with great power that makes people like and dislike it depending on the smell.

Since ancient times, scents have built close relationships with people, such as amulets, symbols of social status, and bridges that connect God and humans. “Scent” has a powerful power, such as aromatherapy, which can eliminate mental anxiety and adjust hormone balance just by smelling the scent.

Musk, which is often found in the perfumes we commonly use, contains aphrodisiac ingredients. In the case of perfume specializing in aphrodisiac effect, it is said that the power to liven up the mood between men and women is stronger because it contains ingredients that control romantic feelings such as oxytocin and human pheromones.

To get a perfume-type aphrodisiac, it is common to buy it at an adult goods shop or use a mail-order site. Some sites and shops call it pheromone perfume instead of aphrodisiac. The method of use is the same as for ordinary perfume, and it is used by attaching it to the neck or wrist. Not only for men and women but also for lesbians and gays.

Effects and characteristics of aphrodisiac (perfume type)

Perfume-type aphrodisiacs have a strong psychological effect. It does not have the effect of enhancing sexual function because it is not put into the body or directly attached to the genitals.

Instead, by sprinkling pheromones that are easy for humans to fall into a romantic relationship, you can expect the effect of making it easier to grasp the heart and giving a sense of security to the other person, and making it easier to approach.

The effect is different for each person. Some people feel the effect on the day they put it on, while others feel the effect by putting it on every day.

One of the characteristics of the perfume type is that the scent is not so strong, and even people who are not good at artificial scents and do not want to get rid of it when wearing it can feel free to use it.

Precautions when using aphrodisiac (perfume type)

・ Check the usage carefully and use it correctly.
・ Should you feel unwell due to the scent, discontinue use immediately.
・ Should you experience redness, itchiness, or a rash when sprinkling perfume on your skin, discontinue use immediately.
・ Never drink the contents.
・ Keep out of reach of children and pets.
・ Store in a cool place away from direct sunlight.

Ingredients used in aphrodisiacs (perfume type)

Some of the ingredients used in perfume-type aphrodisiacs are:

Human pheromone

Human pheromones are pheromones that can be expected to have effects such as mental relaxation and giving the other person a sense of security.

It was discovered by Dr. David Burliner when he studied the skin composition of a skier. At one point he left the bottle with the ingredients open and found that the people in the room at that time had a more friendly atmosphere and enjoyed communication. that’s right.

When I closed the lid of the bottle for a trial, it returned to a state of strange behavior, so after detailed research, it was discovered that human pheromones contain ingredients that improve human relationships.

A part called the vomeronasal organ (jobikikan) attached to the human nose sensitively senses human pheromones and has the effect of arousing romantic feelings and arousing sexual desire. It is an ingredient that produces an effect with only 1 gram, and the odor is almost odorless, so it is almost unnoticed even if it is applied. This scent passes through the senses of the brain and becomes a component that works for the so-called “sixth sense”.


Androsterone is a type of male hormone.
Sensing this scent has the effect of increasing sexual desire. Wearing it by men makes it easier for women to like it sexually.
It is an ingredient that peaks around the age of 20 and declines with age and is included in Nexus Pheromone Spray, making it an ideal ingredient for men who want to bring out a more masculine appeal.


Bremelanotide is an ingredient that enhances sexual arousal.
You can get sexual interest in the other person at the genetic level. The base of this ingredient is oxytocin, an ingredient known as the affection hormone.
It is a component that is released when you feel cute to a baby or you feel that someone is loved, and it is invisible and has almost no odor, so you can expect the effect of unknowingly captivating the other person. Will be.

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