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Brimonidine is used to reduce intra ocular pressure in patients with open angle glaucoma and ocular hypertension. Brimonidine is very lipophilic in nature. Alphagan has selective alpha-2 action. Therefore mydriasis, eyelid contraction, conjuctival blanching and hyperemia are less prominent. Alphagan is indicated for short term and long-term treatment of glaucoma. Alphagan is used in the prophylaxis of intraocular spikes after laser treatment or surgery

How does Alphagan work?

Glaucoma results in the blockage of channels called trabecular network within the eye. These channels are necessary for the outflow of the naturally produced aqueous humour fluid that keeps the eyes lubricated and its pressure under control. When the flow of this fluid is disrupted, pressure within the eye mounts. Brimonidine tartrate works to reduce the production of this aqueous humour by stimulating the alpha receptors found on the blood vessels. As a result of this effect, the pressure within the eye goes down, which helps in the treatment of glaucoma.

Side Effects of Alphagan

As an ophthalmic solution that is administered directly in the eye, Alphagan side effects are generally seen in and around the eyes. Most common among these are included changes in vision, burning or stinging in eyes, dry mouth, eye itching and irritation, headache, dizziness, and inflammation of the eyelids. As most of these Alphagan side effects are centred on the eyes, they are not generally dangerous for other parts of the body. However, certain patients might experience symptoms such as corneal erosion, fatigue, abnormal taste, and irregular heartbeats. Such Alphagan side effects should be reported to your doctor, as these might indicate a dosage imbalance.

Guidelines before using Alphagan

The concomitant use of Brimonidine and CNS depressants like alcohol, opiates and sedatives should be avoided. The use of Alphagan can result in low blood pressure and reduced pulse rate. Alphagan should be used with if you are suffering from any cardiovascular disease, depression, coronary insufficiency and orthostatic hypotension. Brimonidine should not be administered in patients with hepatic or renal dysfunction. It is not advisable to use the Brimonidine during pregnancy and lactation. If it is an absolute must to use Alphagan during pregnancy and lactation, it should be administered under the supervision of a medical practitioner. Alphagan should not be used in pediatric patients below the age of 2.

What are the common dosages of Alphagan?

The single dosage strength of Alphagan comes with 0.15% of the active ingredient Brimonidine Tartrate and is available in 15ml solution bottles.

Difference between Brand and Generic Alphagan

The active ingredient is Brimonidine in both brand and generic forms. The difference between brand and generic forms are packaging, pricing and the brand name. In comparison to brand form generic version is cheaper in cost. You can buy cheap Alphagan medicine when it is sold as a generic drug.

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