By using any of Healthlinerx’s services you automatically agree and are bound to the terms and conditions listed below. It is important that you read the below section carefully before entering into a transaction with healthlinerx. healthlinerx reserves the right to amend these Terms & Conditions at any time, thus it is important to check and read through these pages on a regular basis.

Warranties by you

  1. You agree that you are over 18 years of age and a resident of the country you enter on your personal information page.
  2. You warrant that the name you provide us in all communications through the website is your true name.
  3. You declare that all other information you provide us with either through the website or in communications made on account of your usage of the website shall be accurate, complete, and not misleading in any manner.
  4. You warrant that you are entering into transactions with meds4all as a consumer and all orders for products placed are for your personal use only.
  5. By filling in the order form on the website you are placing an order to purchase the products entered into that form from us. In addition to the form, you will also complete an authorization for us to charge your credit or debit card the payment amount (cost of products ordered) due to us. The payment charged shall be inclusive of all product prices and any professional fees (if mentioned and payable) that might be incurred toward processing your order.
  6. You may be required to fill in an online medical questionnaire wherein you may be required to give details about your regular doctor and also authorize our pharmacist and prescribing doctor to contact him/her and vice versa for details regarding your medical condition in relation to the order for treatments placed by you with us. You agree to provide this information with due honesty and declare that all such information provided is true.
  7. Placing an order for products does not necessarily confirm the same will be supplied. Prior to confirmation of the order, you will be required to provide us with details about the medical prescription for that product from your regular doctor. Alternatively, our prescribing physician will review the information supplied by you in the online medical questionnaire and accordingly determine whether the product can be prescribed as per your order or not. You or your regular doctor may be asked certain additional questions via email or any other medium of communication as is convenient before your order for products is approved. You may decline to answer additional questions; however, this might result in your order being disapproved for processing.
  8. On approval of your order, a prescription for the same shall be made available to the pharmacist for the fulfillment of the order. The pharmacist may or may not require you to provide further information either via email or any other medium of communication that is convenient. You may decline to answer additional questions; however, this might result in your order being disapproved for processing. If the pharmacist is satisfied with your answers, he/she shall process your order and dispatch the products you ordered through one of our selected logistics partners.
  9. To avoid any doubt regarding orders, your placing an order with us constitutes an offer to purchase the products specified in the order. Our acknowledgment of the order does not represent acceptance of the same as approval is based on the processes described in points 6-9 above. If your order is accepted you will be notified of the same via email and provided you with an order number which you will be required to quote in all subsequent communications. A contract for the sale and purchase of products will come into effect only when we confirm acceptance of your order.
  10. The above terms and conditions are subject to variations from time to time at our discretion. Notifications about changes in terms and conditions will be prominently displayed on the home page of meds4all and we advise you to regularly visit the site to check for updates. You also agree to be bound by any revised terms and conditions from the date they come into effect.
  11. If you are unable to understand any of the above-stated terms and conditions or wish to be translated into any other language for ease of understanding, you can contact us via the relevant form provided on the website.
  12. You also declare that all products ordered by you and supplied to you in fulfillment of that order shall be used only by you and not by anyone else. You agree to release healthlinerx from any liabilities and/or possible claims arising out of any side effects or danger to life from misuse of this product.

For the purpose of the above terms and conditions, the following definitions will apply:

Confidential Information: means any private or personal information supplied by you or your regular doctor either orally or in writing and which might reasonably be considered of a confidential nature.

“Consumer” means a natural person who, in contracts to which the Consumer (Distance Selling) Regulations 2000 apply, is acting for purposes that are outside his or her business;

Order Number – Defined in point 9 above

Product/s – Any medicinal product you might place an order for via the website, as that phrase is defined in the Medicines Act 1968.

Pharmacist – A person or persons who are qualified as Pharmacists as per the Medicines Act 1968. A pharmacist may represent an employee or provider of services and can be a single person or a company or firm.

“We” stands for healthlinerx and the companies to which it gives sub-contracts.

The above terms and conditions come into effect from the date you first visit the site and start the process of placing an order and shall remain in effect on all future occasions when you place an order through the website.