Dr. Nigel Modern

UK GMC Registration Number: 2651556
Position: Medical Director

Dr. Modern received a degree in both psychology and medicine. Having run various clinics and worked as a GP partner, Dr. Nigel’s expert knowledge and experience continue to help us heighten the premium level of service we aim to offer here at Healthlinerx.

Dr. Stam Poupalos

UK GMC Registration Number:7033670
Position: Senior Clinical Fellow in A & E

Dr. Poupalos gained his medical qualifications in 2000. He then joined the navy where he worked as a diver and a doctor. Since then, he has spent much of his time working within the e-health sector to improve online consultations. He specializes mainly in the areas of erectile dysfunction and male hair loss.

Vijay Patel

Position: Head Pharmacist

Vijay is our expert pharmacist boasting over 20 years of experience within the pharmacy industry. Having gained a Bachelor’s degree in Pharmacy from King’s College London in 1995, he has since been interested in discovering new pharmaceutical techniques and methods to improve service and the industry. He now leads our pharmacy team as the Head Pharmacist.

Monica Olejniczak

Position: Pharmacist

Monika gained a Master’s degree from Nicolaus Copernicus University in Torun, Poland having studied Pharmacy. She has held various pharmacy technician roles after that and has become an experienced and vital member of our team.