About Healthlinerx

First of all, welcome to Healthlinerx.org: a reliable and independent medical site, run by recognized professionals in the sector. 

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At a time when “searching the internet” has become the No. 1 reflex when a question arises, it is necessary to have access to trusted online resources to find the right answers. It is even more essential for health subjects, where the risks linked to bad information ( or poorly understood information … ) can be substantial.

It is with this in mind that we created this platform: we want to be a point of contact between certified professionals on the one hand ( doctors, pharmacists, doctors, pharmaceutical manufacturers ) and patients ( our readers for the general public ) of the other.

Whether through our studies, our analyzes of drugs or even diseases , we strive to provide our audience with quality files, always up to date, supported by proven facts and scientific studies, while remaining easily understandable by common people. 

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