Abdominoplasty – pros and cons


Abdominoplasty have already become quite popular word in our everyday life. However many people will surely doubt what it is and why should it be done. Thus we decided to look through the important and interesting details of this popular though not always clear procedure.

Abdominoplasty – is the esthetical (cosmetic) surgery provided with the aim to remove the excesses of the skin and fat from the abdomen bottom and pull its muscles. It is one of the most successive operation in the plastic as well as general surgery. The matter is that the efficient and expressive result that will satisfy the patient as well as the doctor is quite possible and easy to reach here.

When the abdominoplasty is possible to be done?

Despite the fact that abdominoplasty is equally prescribed to males as well as females the last ones use it more often. As the problem of the appearance is always more actual and the care of the appearance becomes a real habit causing increased attention to the body and the sense of responsibility.

Commonly this operation is applied in case of the excessive fatty tissues in the abdomen, skin stretching after the pregnancy or in case of the considerable loss of the weight, as well as in case there are scars in the abdomen bottom appeared due to previous operations. Appearance of the body gets improved after removal of the excesses of the skin and fat in the abdomen bottom and more slender shape recovery. At the same time this operation is not intended to decrease weight neither the obesity treatment.

What are the possible results of the operation?

The most completed answer for this question you may get at the plastic surgeon consultancy. There are various ways to decrease weight as well as eliminate local fatty depositions and improve your body shape. The abdominoplasty may be sometimes supplemented with or completely exchanged by the vacuum fatty tissue removal that is called liposuction. You should always remember that any cosmetic operation may guarantee only certain improvement of the present condition and not obtaining the total perfection.

How the abdominoplasty is being carried out?

The main principle of the abdominoplasty is quite simple, clear and implies dissection of the skin excesses as well as hypodermic and fatty tissue and the new tension of the skin.

This operation is made under anaesthetic commonly. Sometimes it is required to move the belly-button to new place.

Do the scars remain after the operation?

Though the scars are the inevitable result of any operation the esthetical abdominoplasty requires special methods with the aim to hide the scars as much as it possible. The scars may be hidden in the natural folds mostly, for instance in such as bikini line. At the same time the appearance of the scars is defined by the individual reaction of the tissues and the peculiarities of the healing process that may differ from person to person. The scar is commonly quite visible within first 6 months after the operation when it is solid, blood red colored and stands out of the skin surface. Then the scar will grow pale, thinner and softer step by step and finally comes up with the skin surface.

By the way sometimes due to the constitution peculiarities as well as abdomen and lumbar region deformation character it is needed to made additional transverse weal forwarded vertically down from the belly-button area to get the required cosmetic effect.

What results are possible to count on?

The best results are obtained in the patients with almost normal weight when there is only skin flabbiness at the front surface of the abdomen wall or moderately marked fat excesses or abdomen muscle protrusion. The result of the operation is long-lasting one though considerable weight variations or posterior pregnancy may diminish the effect obtained. The best answer concerning the postoperative forecast you may get at the doctors consultancy.

Is the hospitalization needed?

Commonly the abdominoplasty requires several days spent in the hospital. Sometimes only one day spent in the hospital is quite sufficient. The hospitalization term depends upon the health condition, the operation volume and the surgeon’s decision.

When it is possible to follow your usual lifestyle?

Postoperative period lasts from 2 to 6 weeks. The regular bandage is required within 10-14 days. Most part of the patients returns to their job responsibilities in 10-15 days after the operation.

Intense physical exercises are prohibited within 1,5 – 2 months after the operation. It is also recommended to wear special belt for the optimal healing and reaching esthetically correct abdomen shape.

What does the patient feels after the operation? Do any complications occur?

The feeling of the tension in the abdomen bottom may occur after the abdominoplasty. This is normal though. Temporary (up to several months) loss or decreased sensitivity in this part of the abdomen is not a complication as well. Sometimes the liquid may accumulate under the skin in the abdomen area. This will require removal of this liquid. The inflammatory processes are quite seldom and require the antibiotics use for its treatment.


The final decision here as well as in any other situation implying plastic surgery is up to the patient. In this situation the main problem for the patient is the choice. The core of the question is – it is required to find it out what is better – the deformed abdomen that is quite useless in almost everything or quite long and visible scar that will occur after the operation. Commonly the patient chooses the operation as the deformed abdomen causes many difficulties in the patients everyday life thus disabling various everyday funs.

The decision concerning abdominoplasty should not be a result of sudden emotions but the final step of the reflections and the required quantity of the visits to the doctor. Abdominoplasty is not an easy operation but the main advantage of this procedure it almost lifelong effect as the new fat depositions and skin stretching in the operation area are possible to reveal in quite decreased degree.

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