7 Natural Remedies To Treat Erectile Dysfunction

7 Natural Remedies To Treat Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile Dysfunction is a prevalent problem among many men. Most of the men have gone through the problem at least once in their lifetime. In this condition, a man finds it difficult to get his penis erected even when sexually aroused. Though there are many natural and organic products and many ED Drugs available in the market to treat the problem, some treatments may include natural remedies and herbs too.

But one thing you need to be sure about it is that you must use natural remedies properly. You also must be aware of the dosage. Read this article and learn about some proven natural options which are beneficial to treat erectile dysfunction problems among men.

Natural and Organic Products

Panas Ginseng, which is also known as herbal Viagra, is more effective than other natural remedies. The dosage of the herb ranges from 600 mg to 1000 mg. A person with erectile dysfunction problem must take the extract of the herb three times a day. This herbal remedy has commendable evidence for treating the problem in men.

Panax ginseng is a better herbal option to try before you are looking to buy ED drugs online. One of the elements of this herb extract is Ginsenosides, which helps men to get an erection. Men who have high lipids in their blood find this remedy to be very helpful for their treatment. This herb appears to be very useful. It has anti-inflammatory action, which also helps in the work of the lungs. The herb also increases the blood flow and cure other symptoms of many diseases, including ED.

Beet Juice for ED

Beetroot juice has many benefits. It is found that drinking one cup of beetroot juice daily helps in lowering blood pressure. One of the main reasons behind the ED is high blood pressure. Thus, beet juice helps in reducing the symptom.

Another use of Beet juice for ED is, it is high in nitrates. When a man’s body lacks an adequate amount of nitric oxide in the body, it has higher chance of suffering from ED. Drinking beet juice increases the amount of nitrate in the body, which converts into nitric oxide, which is also a dietary supplement in treating erectile dysfunction.

Watermelon Juice For ED

There is no doubt that watermelon is the best fruit in summer. Watermelon is also one of the best natural remedies in treating ED. Watermelon helps control the blood flow in the human body. Men with erectile dysfunction problems, don’t get enough blood flow to their penises.

Men suffering from high cholesterol, blood pressure, and diabetes have narrower blood vessels than others. When a person consumes watermelon, the citrulline in it gets converted into amino acid arginine, which increases the amount of nitric oxide in the body. As we don’t need to discuss further, how nitric oxide helps the body in a proper erection. Thus, watermelon juice for ED is an effective natural remedy apart from being beneficial for controlling high blood pressure and lowering the level of bad cholesterol in the body.

Apple Cider Vinegar for Erectile Dysfunction

The concept of apple cider vinegar to treat ED comes from, it helps in addressing some of the symptoms of the problem. Apart from being used in the home and kitchen, apple cider vinegar is also an excellent remedy for ED. Men with high blood sugar and obesity problems too get it challenging to have an erection.

Apple cider vinegar reduces the symptoms of ED is men. It lowers the body weight and mass in people with obesity. The remedy is also helpful for those who are suffering from type 2 diabetes. Apple cider vinegar detoxifies the human body and can be taken as a daily supplement.

Other natural remedies of ED treatment

Essential oils for male enhancement

A healthier and thicker penis; is an emblem of manliness. There are some exercises that enhance the size and girth of the penis. A healthy and more extended penis can increase both; self-confidence and manhood. Thus, there is nothing as good as jelqing exercises. Through the Jelqing exercise, the penis gets a message, as well as the blood vessels of the penis, get relaxed.

The penis gets low blood flow when the blood-carrying arteries get contracted. Essential oils for male enhancement are used during the exercise. Using the oils decreases the possibility of any injury due to friction in the penis. Take a little oil and keep it lubricated every time it gets dried up.

Simple lifestyle changes

Every treatment starts at this point. Apart from relying upon any natural remedy, a good lifestyle is equally important. One can’t cure any disease without changing the current lifestyle. A good lifestyle is a source of a healthy body mind and soul. A healthy body is higher in libido and can enjoy more orgasms than a person with a bad lifestyle. Changing the lifestyle includes a proper and high protein diet, regular exercise, ignoring alcohol and smoking, etc.

Buy Generic ED Drugs Online

There are many generic drugs available in the market to treat ED. Many men prefer to use medicines regularly to address the impotence problem. Cialis, Levitra, and Viagra are among the most effective ED drugs which are also available in the generic form and have proven to be treating the problem from the root after a specific time of regular use.


A satisfactory and pleasant sexual life can benefit a person in many ways. It can keep the relationship and body healthy. You can’t always rely on the cheapest ED drugs to have a proper erection. Most of the medicine works in getting an erection and not solving the impotence problem. Natural remedies are free from any risk of side effects. They can also treat other underlying problems apart from ED. Most of the significant symptoms get treated with these natural remedies.

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