5 Common Causes of Erectile Dysfunction

5 Common Causes of Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile Dysfunction is a prominent sexual ailment today

Erectile Dysfunction is a common sexual ailment that has already impacted around 18 million males above the age group of 20 years in the US alone Causes of Erectile Dysfunction. While suffering from this sexual disease, males lose the capability to attain or at the same time maintain penile erections which are harder and firmer enough for adequate sexual functioning.  

Erectile Dysfunction is an extremely personalized issue that most males are hesitant to communicate. However, all those males who make efforts to seek a cure find that they are not at all alone.  Although this sexual ailment is commonly occurring, still quite a large number of individuals are still not aware of its basics, what are the causative factors, what are the appropriate treatment strategies, and how can be prevented?  There are several things that can impact the capability to achieve & maintain erections. 

Causes of Erectile Dysfunction Factors

There might be a contributory issue that is the causative factor for this sexual ailment. Mostly it occurs due to the combination of physiological as well as psychological issues.  ED is undeniably a complicated sexual ailment that can be caused due to quite a large number of factors. Sometimes, there can also be more than a single underlying issue serving as a causative factor of this Sexual Disease.  Here is a list of some of the potential causative factors of erectile dysfunction:

List of Potential Causative factors of Erectile Dysfunction


Well everyone knows that diabetes alone is responsible for causing many other ailments. The reality is that even erectile dysfunction also comes under the category of such syndromes that a man having diabetes may experience.  For the longer duration, you have diabetes whether it is category type 1 or type 2, the more you will be at the risk of experiencing erectile dysfunction ailment.  

The manner in which you are capable of controlling your blood sugar level will have an impact on your risk of ED.  A research study has already suggested that around 2 to 12 % of males belonging to the age group of 40 years are experiencing ED, however, this same percentage of men elevates to around 50 % when they are diabetic. Also, it is crucial to note here that erectile failure which is being caused due to diabetes is not an issue that is fully reversible. However, this condition can surely be improved by following the physician’s recommendation and controlling your blood sugar level as well.

Cardiac diseases

It has been found that this specific sexual ailment, has a linkage with the male’s heart health too. For over a while, it has been known so far that it is hypertension along with elevated cholesterol levels can lead to impotence. But research evidence has suggested that healthy males who experienced ED also develop cardiac ailments after five years. Causes of Erectile Dysfunction You can try Generic Viagra to treat Erectile Dysfunction.

So, in case you are facing penis erection problems, and still you are not having any underlying health issues, still your physician may recommend you a cardiac health check-up. In this manner, you may be capable of preventing out any sort of heart ailment by looking out for all warning signals at an early stage.


A person may assume that taking a few drinks can get him into the mood and can help him act better in bed. However, it has been found that overdrinking could make it more difficult to attain erections as it can have an interfering impact on sexual activity. However such interference with sexual activity just occurs on a temporary basis.

The best part is that when a person moderates the drinking habit and limits it to just either one or two drinks in the entire day, this can have a beneficial impact on cardiac health and reduce the risks of heart ailments which further reduces the risks of the occurrence of sexual dysfunction as well.


At certain times, the symptoms of frequent erectile failures can also be the adverse effect of consuming certain specific categories of medications.  Although such medications are consumed for curing a specific ailment or health condition, while performing its function, Causes of Erectile Dysfunction may impact the hormonal balance, nerves, or vascular system of the body.

The consequence may be the interference in the normal erectile functioning or it may also enhance the risk of erectile dysfunction or impotence.  Some of the medications that may lead to ED symptoms as a consequence of their adverse effect include anti-depressants, diuretics, antihistamines, tranquilizers, medications utilized for chemotherapy, and prostate cancer medicines to name a few. 

Such a category of medications apart from impacting or suppressing the central nervous system (CNS) of the patient may also cause the most serious of damage to the patient’s blood vessels, causing long-term symptoms of erectile failures in men.

Psychological issues

At times, the males experience impotence due to some sort of psychological problem. This is more prevalent in males who are belonging to the age group of around 40 years. Since sexual arousal is triggered by the activity within the brain, this may serve as the most significant contributory factor for causing erectile failure. Certain specific mental health conditions which may include depression, performance anxiety, and stress can have a detrimental impact on the individual’s libido.

This makes Causes of Erectile Dysfunction much more complicated for them to become sexually stimulated.  Stress is also considered to be quite an eminent factor that might be interfering with the central nervous system of the human brain for facilitating the flow of blood towards the penile region. So, in the majority of cases, many such psychological issues may lead to performance anxiety in males. If the root cause of this sexual ailment and further appropriate treatment is not administered, this may cause stress, anxiety, and also lower down self-esteem.

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