3-Hour Diet

3-Hour Diet

3-Hour Diet basics

3-hour dietJorge Cruise’s weight loss plan revolves around eating every three hours, hence the name. According to Cruise, eating every three hours promotes weight loss by resetting the body’s metabolism and promoting fat loss – all while preserving muscle.

The 3-Hour Diet involves eating a meal or snack every 3 hours to keep hunger at bay and rev up the metabolism. It’s based on the theory that eating at 3-hour intervals helps the body burn fat for energy, rather than muscle.

In addition, Cruise includes sound guidelines on portion control and planning balanced meals. Because there are no forbidden foods or counting grams of carbohydrate or fat, the 3-Hour Diet can help reduce the cravings and binges often associated with dieting.

Upside of the 3-Hour Diet

  • There are no food restrictions – you can eat what you want as long as you stick to the portion sizes advised.
  • The diet has different plans for people with specific nutritional needs and preferences. There are suggestions for people who want to follow a heart-healthy diet, as well as those who particularly like fast food, for example.
  • The 3-Hour Diet is based on solid nutrition science. If followed properly and combined with exercise, this diet is a good weight-loss solution.

Downside of the 3-Hour Diet

  • It’s easy to pile on the calories when you’re eating every 3 hours. Make sure that each meal is within the portion guidelines of the diet.
  • For people with certain jobs or lifestyles, eating every 3 hours may not be convenient.
  • The primary exercise is “8 Minute Moves,” strength-training exercises that can be done at home. Current health guidelines encourage at least 30-60 minutes of daily exercise, such as walking, biking, swimming or running, which get the heart pumping. Though eight minutes of exercise per day is better than nothing, it doesn’t go far enough to truly promote overall health.

Is the 3-Hour Diet for You?

This chart can help you see how the 3-Hour Diet fits your goals and lifestyle concerns.

RestaurantsYes, but watch the portion size
AlcoholYes, in moderation
Special FoodsNo
Family FriendlyYes
Vegetarian FriendlyYes

Lynn Grieger, RD on the 3-Hour Diet

There is no doubt that this diet, which is basically one of portion and calorie control, will help you to lose weight if you follow it correctly. Jorge Cruise is a master motivator, and his plan makes you want to get started right now! Cruise presents a healthy, balanced eating plan in a creative and exciting format that’s bound to encourage even the most reluctant dieter to start making healthy eating changes.

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