21 myths about breast enlargement

breast enlargement

Breast enlargement became quite common operation in our days. Every day thousands of women decide to increase or otherwise correct their breast shape. However even in this situation there are still lots of the things that remain doubtful or even unknown for the patients. 

Internet and women society are filled with rumors and myths about breast augmentation and its shape correction. The false information spreads with the velocity of light! What is the cause? The answer is quite common – it is caused by the lack of the reliable information provided by the competent source.

Myth 1. The implants developed in 90-s of the last century in the period when breast enlargement was too popular are applied today quite often.

The surgeon’s comment:

In the beginning of the 90-s the breast enlargement procedure was often provided with the help of unresolving gels injected straightly into the breast. The imperfection and even the harm of these technologies became obvious quite soon.

The implants that were applied that time looked like an empty “packet” that was filled with salt solution up to desired size after it was placed into the breast. As the time went by the volume of the solution reduced and the shape of the breast changed and patients had even reported about gurgling sounds in the breast.

Breast implants applied by the surgeons today are characterized by the high reliability and safety for the patient’s health. This is the production that is produced by the whole industry based on the scientific researches and medical observations. Technologists and doctors always invent something new, something more physiological. For instance today there exist not only round implants applied in 90s, but also ones of the anatomic shapes (i.e. natural shapes). Implants of the last generation are double-layer containing soft lower layer and dense upper one. The last one supports the implant as well as breast shape.

Myth 2. My friend got her breast hung down after the surgery and become asymmetrical and etc.

The surgeon’s comment:

Don’t believe terrible stories that starts with the words “a good acquaintance of my friend got..” . Such stories are told by many times and being told it is added by absolutely new and fantastic details. The original information may be provided only by the source. In case you’d like to know something about someone’s experience – try to contact this person directly.

Of course there is a risk of negative result. However it is too low in case woman contact a skillful surgeon.

Myth 3. The closer the implant of the breast surface the better

The surgeon’s comment:

Vice versa the deeper the implant is placed the less discomfort it brings. This statement is true in 95 cases of 100 ones. The most obvious fact here is the experience of our European colleagues that place the implant under the muscle, i.e. under the mammal gland and the muscle at once – it is too deep. In case the implant is placed only under the mammal gland the risk of scar capsule forming increases as well as the risk of breast descent. Furthermore the possibility of the implant being felt also grows. The implant placed under the muscle is carefully held by the muscular frame and thus it is unable to stretch less dense tissues of the breast and prevents the implant being felt.

Myth 4. The postoperative complications are too dangerous

The surgeon’s comment:

Any type of the interference into human body no matter whether it is surgical treatment or the therapeutic one – is a certain risk. Fortunately the progress keeps moving ahead and even at the present level of the medicine development this risk is minimal one. You will be thoroughly guarded against any “surprises” in the clinic paying required attention to the preparation of the patient to the operation.

Postoperative complications occur quite seldom in case postoperative doctor recommendations are followed. In case the implant was placed properly the complications may occur only due to individual peculiarities of the body. In case women has strong immune system than scar capsule around the implant may appear. The breast becomes consistent and static (as if it is freezes in one position and doesn’t move) and painful. In case of such symptoms the scar capsule is being surgically removed. Commonly it doesn’t appear again. Internal cicatrisation repeats too seldom. In this case the implant is to be removed unfortunately.

Possible complications after breast enlargement may take form of hematomas. However nobody died because of hematomas and they will cease in a month. The most important is to find a clinic that places the patient’s security above all.

Myth 5. Breast enlargement postoperative rehabilitation is too long and painful

Surgeon’s comment:

The rehabilitation period is about one month. Woman wears special compressive underwear within this period that supports breast and makes movements comfortable. Another reason of such underwear is provision of most delicate and smooth adaptation of the skin to new breast shapes. Modern medications prescribed by the doctor in the first postoperative days decrease negative feelings to the minimum.

Strict maintenance of the postoperative limitations within one month after operation will enable the patient to return to her job already in a week after operation.

Myth 6. The implants may be placed only after the childbirth as it is impossible to feed a baby with the implants inside the breast

The surgeon’s comment:

It is quite wrong. Women with the implants bear and feed babies as well as other women and babies receive normal full-fledged milk. In case the implant is placed correctly the breast shape doesn’t change and the gland tissue structure responsible for the milk production is not being disturbed. Such implant cannot turn to be the reason of breast feeding refusal. However it is quite clear that all scars are to be healed before the pregnancy and breast-feeding period.

Myth 7. The implants are to be replaced from time to time

The surgeon’s comment:

In case woman feels comfortable with the implants placed 5 or 10 years ago there is no need in changing them. The implant should be replaced in case of certain injury, puncture or stretching of the breast skin. In the last case the breast skin should be drug up and the implants are replaced for more modern and perfect ones.

Myth 8. Some women cannot adapt to their “new” breast

The surgeon’s comment:

Women commonly consider their “new” breast as the precious purchase. Most patients cease to feel the presence of the implant in the breast within the one month. The clothes are being changed at once and new more bright and opened clothes are purchased. Many women purchase various swimsuits as soon as the scars are healed and travel to resorts. Beautiful breast increases the woman’s self-appraisal and the emotions palette widens.

However psychological comfort is quite important in reaching really good result. Thus it is quite important to understand clearly already at the operation preparation stage that it is surgical operation implying certain negative feelings but they will cease quite soon, certain limitations in the accustomed lifestyle are only temporary ones and etc. The most important is to be disposed to the final result even before the operation.

Myth 9. The implants may cause oncological diseases

The surgeon’s comment:

No, this is quite incorrect. The oncological diseases are commonly provoked by the oncogene of the breast cancer that is commonly the reason of the disease. According to the researches and observations being held in Europe the silicon implants cannot cause cancer as well as other breast diseases. Breast implants filled with the silicon gel don’t provide any negative affect onto the pregnancy, embryo growth, breast feeding as well as growth of those children being artificially fed.

However malignant growth in the breast revealed within the preoperative observation as well as a certain suspicion for its presence are the contraindications against the breast enlargement operation. In case the breast was removed due to malignant growth removal then the plastic surgery may turn to be a real salvation for the woman. Recovery operation may imply the use of the same silicon implants or own tissues transplantation. Another example is the reconstructive operation – that is still not too popular as the development of this branch needs great financial investments and high professional skills of the surgeon.

Myth 10. It is impossible to enlarge breast for several sizes within one operation

The surgeon’s comment:

The breast may be enlarged for several sizes during one operation. The matter is the correspondence of the wants to individual anatomical peculiarities and figure. All is well in case the figure looks balanced and all the proportions are kept.

Of course in case the number 1 will be enlarged to number 4 it will be too complicated for the patient to get use to new shapes. But even in this case the adaptation will take place and then everything will be alright but it will take a bit longer time than in enlargement the number 1 up to number 2.

Myth 11. Implant may burst due to compressive pressure under the water or during the air flight, it may squashed by tight embrace or long being on the belly as well

The surgeon’s comment:

The implants allow plain and rocket flights, diving and submarine diving. It is allowed sleeping on the belly, having a tight embraces and sex in the any way you wish. The implants sustain the load of several thousands of kilograms within the technological laboratory tests. The only thing that may damage the implant (i.e. make it burst) is the straight puncture.

Myth 12. Providing the volume the implant drags the breast up

The surgeon’s comment:

Not the implant but the removal of the skin excesses drags the breast up. Many women come to breast correction operation after the childbirth and breast feeding period. Some of them may need only a drag up operation. The others improve their breast with the implants insertion. In this case the woman gets not only drug up but also more attractive breast. The implant doesn’t drag up the breast itself. Thus in case the breast becomes deformed after the child birth and breast-feeding period and its skin becomes stretched there is a real reason to have breast enlargement and drag up operations at once.

Myth 13. The breast skin becomes thin and stretches after the implant insertion

The surgeon’s comment:

This is not so. Of course a certain constraint in the breast area may appear within the first time after the operation especially in case the small breast was turned into the big one. But the skin is flexible one and it will gradually adapt to new volumes and regenerate. A cosmetic therapy and special care is required to keep skin turgor within the adaptation period. This is the topic of the individual consultation with the surgeon and the cosmetologist.

Myth 14. The enlarged breast makes the walking more complicated

The surgeon’s comment:

This is not true in case the breast was enlarged in the accordance to the body proportions. Woman ceases to feel the implant inside the breast about in a month after the operation even in case its weight is about 400-500 g.

Myth 15. Implant prevent diving (as the breast comes to the surface)

The surgeon’s comment:

There is no air in the implants thus they cannot provide any effect on the diving with or without aqualung. The breast with the implants possesses the same features under the water as the breast without them.

Myth 16. Visible scars remain on the skin after the operation

The surgeon’s comment:

The incision for the implant insertion is made in the armpit area or through the areola or under the breast. In any case the scars are hidden from the sight. However the most comfortable incisions here are those in the armpit or areola areas.

Myth 17. The bigger the breast is the more beautiful

The surgeon’s comment:

Will the #4 breast be quite attractive in the small, thin and slender girl? The choice of the breast size should arise not only due to your own ideas about beauty and your partner’s wishes but also due to expert’s opinion about the conformity of the desired breast size to the figure shape.

Myth 18. The surgeon makes the breast too large trying to add it more impact

The surgeon’s comment:

It is not so. The surgeon will listen the patient’s wishes at first. Then he will evaluate her body construction. Our surgeons prefer to make more natural shapes. And the American patients prefer big and quite unnatural breast. And the surgeons will provide such operations in case there is no risk for the woman’s health. Thus the surgeon surely conforms the patient’s wishes in case they are really justified. The expert will forecast the possible result of the operation for those patients who cannot clearly imagine her appearance with the new breast. Thus the task of the doctor is to explain the patient why he doesn’t advices her certain things or vice versa advices to do them.

Myth 19. The choice of the implant shape depends up to the patient’s wealth

The surgeon’s comment:

It is quite wrong. Every implant is being individually selected to the woman according to her wishes, age, skin turgor, her breast and body features as well as such factors as whether woman had or going to feed a baby, a diseases and operations experienced. Of course the final result will depend on to the implant shape also. Surgeon will tell you about all implants you may get and this will help you to make a right choice.

Myth 20. The breast with the implant inside seems to be unnatural

The surgeon’s comment:

Modern silicon implants provide natural forms of the breast. It is quite impossible to distinguish the breast with the implant from the natural one in 6 months after the operation. However this is true only in case the implant was chosen and inserted correctly and the patient follows all the doctor’s postoperative recommendations.

Myth 21. The breast with the implants become senseless

The surgeon’s comment:

This is possible straight after the operation. However the sensitivity recovers completely to the preoperative level in one-two months after the operation. So the improved breast will bring not only the beauty but also the pleasure to the woman.

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