12 Tips to last longer in bed

Medications for lasting longer in bed

12 Tips to last longer in bed

Men lasting longer in bed is a question that every man likes to ask. This is a matter of concern for men as well as women. Everyone wants to have sex for a longer period of time as there are times when sex ends too soon. This article has some top techniques used by men to last longer in bed with delayed ejaculation.

Here are some ways that will help men to last longer in bed

Try different sex positions

that can help a man to last longer. The underside of the penis of a man is one of the most sensitive parts and any sex position that stimulates it more can make a man climax sooner. There are many different sex positions that can help a man in reducing the overstimulation of the lower penis of a man.

Sex positions such as cowgirl and spooning are two sex positions that can help a man in achieving that. There are other sex positions that keep a woman in a more dominant position and help a man in keeping his pelvic and leg muscles in a more relaxed way.

Reduce the anxiety caused during the performance

Anxiety is one of the leading causes of premature ejaculation in a man. People who are least stressed and anxious at the time of performance can lose control and climax much faster than their intention.

This is often prevented by working out regularly and works by counter-stressing the hormones. This also gives a man an endorphin buzz. This does not mean that a man needs to be running marathons to do that. Taking a daily stroll can work well for a man in giving him well psychological control over his performance.

Having a high intake of coffee can also work against a man as this often prevents sleeping in a person. For people who experience performance anxiety once or twice, there is absolutely nothing wrong with them. But having the condition repeated, again and again, can make this condition to be chronic in nature.

Practice specific premature ejaculation exercise

Practicing different exercises can help a person in reducing stress and can help them in lasting longer in bed. The most common exercise among them is the stop-start method and the squeeze technique. Both of these exercises can help a man in treating their premature ejaculation in a much more effective way.

This enables a man to last longer in bed and can be practiced by men even if they don’t suffer from premature ejaculation. This exercise is practiced by a man masturbating until they reach a point where there is no return. This process is then repeated several times before a man actually cums. This process is known by the name edging and squeezing can also be done on the underside of the penis where the head of the person joins the shaft. A man starts by squeezing until there is no urge for him to cum.

This exercise can be practiced by men in order to last longer in bed. These methods are used by men which then help them to recognize the different signals that are sent to the brain at the time of having sex. This way a man gets to know his body better and can help him to recognize the different signals. Thus, helping them in moving much closer to the ejaculatory control. There are men who suffer from premature ejaculation and start doing this exercise under the best support and guidance.

Masturbate more often or try having more sex

Masturbating makes a person last longer in bed. If a person does not get a sexual release through sex or masturbation, the sexual pressure inside a person starts to build up. This makes the body of a person hypersensitive and it becomes more likely for a person to have premature ejaculation. A person should try and ejaculate more than once a week or at least a week. Masturbation makes a person not rush through the entire process and can simultaneously train a person from ejaculating early in bed.

Use Desensitizing creams, sprays, and gels

All these sprays, creams, and gels make a person last longer in bed and this is done by partially numbing the penis which makes a man to ejaculate later rather than sooner. This process has a downside to it as it takes the pleasure and excitement of a person as they are able to feel less. There are multiple brands available in the market that helps a man in delaying their orgasm. These products can also be purchased online and can be purchased without the prescription of a doctor.

Try talking sex in bed – communication is the key

Communicating openly and nicely with a partner can help a man to last longer in bed. Not talking about things that worry a couple in bed can create problems in the sex life of a person. This leads to anxiety and tension and is one of the major causes of Erectile Dysfunction in a person.

When a man faces any struggle in their performance they become highly self-conscious and can bring people some unhelpful thoughts. This can, in turn, add to the anxiousness of the person and can put some unnecessary pressure on a person.

Take all your time

Moving toward sex should be taken slow. Doing that can make a person last longer and help them in controlling their arousal level. Rushing into sex can disconnect a man from their bodily processes which can cause a man to reach climax sooner rather than later. Overstimulation is another reason for people to get premature ejaculation. Anxiety is one of the major reasons for people getting premature ejaculation. Try foreplay before performing sex.

Doing that before penetrating can help a person in lasting longer and this can help a person in gaining confidence. Doing that takes the pressure off a partner and can leave a person free without people having to worry about sex and can automatically make a person last longer in bed. Putting a lot of pressure on the partner should require a person to relax and should cool down before moving ahead with penetration.

Use thick condoms that can delay the climax

There are condoms that can be used as desensitizers. There are many kinds of condoms that are used by men and help people to prolong their time of intercourse. Some people say that using the right condom can make a man last forever. There are different brands available that offer extra strength to men which can help them last longer. There are condoms that are much thicker and can prevent overstimulation in the penis. Some condoms come with desensitizing gels.

There are some pills that can make people last longer in bed

There are some pills that make a person last longer in bed. There are some antidepressant pills and some painkillers that help a man in preventing premature ejaculation. However, these drugs have some side effects associated with them. There are some men who are dangerously unhappy with their premature ejaculation and for them, this option is still viable.

These drugs have some side effects that include feeling dizzy, drowsy, low libido, nausea, etc. The drug Priligy is sold openly in Europe and is used to cure premature ejaculation. There are no results that show Viagra as well as Cialis to help a man last longer in bed. This helps a man to sustain his erection for a longer period.

Start Masturbating before having sex

if a person masturbates before orgasm makes it easy for people to prolong their sexual intercourse. This is the second round of orgasms and makes your penis less sensitive. This can be done by masturbating in private right before having sex. The timing of this can be very complicated. Also, as a person grows older, he can last longer. This method is one of the most practical solutions.

Distract yourself

If a person starts thinking about something else during sex, it can help a man to last longer in bed. This can, however, make people cum sooner. Increasing sexual stamina in a person works by being more aware of the signals produced in the body. If a person is not aware during sexual intercourse, this can also lead to the feeling of detachment a person and a person can feel stiff and tense. This can make the entire experience feel much less enjoyable for a person.

Alcohol and Drugs

here are some men who use alcohol and other kinds of drugs to last longer in bed. However, there are people who believe that using these things can make a person climax sooner rather than later.

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