11 main myths about the sleep


The sleepyheads have their own holiday – The World Sleep Day that is being celebrated on the March 1st annually. This day was instituted by the World Mental Health Fund.

Myth 1st – The brain rests while sleep

Actually the brain works with the same effort as while being wake, analyzes the events happened, checks the internals and plans possible scripts of further events. So mainly only the muscles rest but the essence of the sleep is not in providing them with the rest. Its main task is to allow the brain to do the work described above.

Myth 2nd – There are prophetic dreams

The professor states this is the complete nonsense. And this is the case when the science requires preys – this happened when he recently said about this fact at one of TVshows shooting – after that the women presented in the studio could have beaten him with thick books of dream interpretations. In reality the person watches various scenarios within the dream being processed by his brain. Most part of them he forgets instantly. Whether the dream is prophetic one or not it is up to the analytical capabilities of the person: “Someone knows who is the murdered since the first page of the detective story and another one needs to read the book up to the end.” Thus the yard-keepers watch the prophetic dreams quite seldom unlike the mathematicians.

Myth 3rd – There are people that never sleep

They say there are lots of such neversleepers among the yogis. But in reality the science knows no one of the kind during the whole history of the observations.

Myth 4th – There are people who fall asleep suddenly and cannot awake within many years then

In case the nonsleeping persons are living in Tibet according to the myths then those sleeping for 20 years are the common ones for the Russian villages. There are lots of the phone calls from the desolate villages saying they have a certain granny that sleeps for several years already. So we ask them about how is she taking food or urinates and the common answer is – “She does it with our help”. So whether is this real sleep?

Myth 5th – You can have a good sleep on the weekend

In reality the additional hour of the sleep on the weekend hurts more than benefits. To sleep few is harmful but to get out of the schedule is much worse. In case you sleep only few hours and get up everyday at 6 o’clock then try to get up straight at this time everyday. It is not worth to sleep enough for several days (just as to eat enough). The charge of vivacity will be spent within the first Sunday the only difference is that you will go to bad a bit later.

Myth 6th – You can sleep enough within 3 days in case your working schedule is the day after three days

The science has proved – in case the person doesn’t sleep at least one day than his body will get a considerable harm as all the biochemical indices are being changed and the brain biochemistry as well. These indices are being recovered in 2-3 days but there is no complete recovery of the body. The US experts have observed those people that didn’t sleep a day within the week due to their working schedule. And it turned to be that such people have five times more often diabetes, hypertension and many other diseases developed.

Myth 7th – The somnambulists are walking while sleeping

They say that the somnambulists may get out of the window instead of the door or they can play piano and some of them can even have sex and then refuse the children conceived in their unconscious state. All these facts have been proved by the science long ago. But the sleepwalking is quite seldom thing. Most of the somnambulists don’t walk anywhere at all. They just sit on the bed and after some time lay down again.

Myth 8th – The dreams phase is being interchanged with the phase when we don’t see anything at all

Previously it was considered that the dreams are commonly seen only within the fast phase of the dream. But today it is proved that the slow phase is also accompanied with the dreams. But it is called so as it really slows down everything. In case we see the real movie within the fast phase than we see only pictures and photos within the slow phase.

Myth 9th – All the soporifics are harmful

The modern drugs are harmless unlike the older ones. The only problem is not to mix up the old drugs with the news ones.

Myth 10th – The person dies on the fifth day without sleeping

In reality in case you will get an experiment with the animal (the rat for instance) than it will really die on the 5 or 6 day without the sleep. The human is different one. He doesn’t die after this period of time – he just starts to sleep with open eyes. According to the somnologists: “You can prevent the person from sleeping – and he will walk, talk, perform some tasks but all this will be done in the sleep”. After the awakening this person will not remember anything at all just like the sleepwalker.

Myth 11th – The women sleep longer that the men

There were lots of researches about this problem. Some researches have shown that the women really sleep longer than the men for 15-20 minutes. The others provided quite different results – it turned to be that men sleep longer for the same 15-20 minutes. Finally the scientists concluded that men and women have the equal continuance of the sleep. Only the pregnant sleep longer. But the attitude to sleep is different in men and women. In case the man seems to have slept enough the woman is vice versa says that she had bad sleep. But according to the researches the sleep quality in both men and women is approximately equal one.

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