10 healthy lifestyle myths

healthy lifestyle

Mankind has a long history and had invented a lot of superstitions ant myths about how one should behave in this or that situation. The same situation we can see in relation to human health. There a lot of things supposed to be quite healthy and vice versa. Often such statements and generally accepted facts turn to be incorrect. Below we will consider only 10 of most popular myths related to our health.

Only few women manage not only to look well but possess perfect healthy. Commonly we follow the standard idea “suffer for beauty” and thus are ready to consider all the recommendations we get. However almost the half of them appears to be caused by certain myths related to our health and beauty. Whom shall we blame for this? Actually the cause is in the advertisement and journalists obstinately repeating the same unconfirmed advises in every magazine. So, what is truth and what is lies?

Myth #1: Late supper causes excessive weight

Every fourth citizen of any big city works until late or has a night shift this fact implies the late supper. However dieticians says this will not affect the body shape in case you will not overeat, increase the daily calorie norm and in case this supper is not the only your daily meal. What we eat in the evening is also quite important. Sometimes people leave something tasty for their last meal as the reward for the work day. Commonly these are high-calorie sweets like ice-cream or beer with chips. So, the main idea is not when you eat but what and how much.

Myth #2: the muscles turn into fat without physical training

Thus training hard in the gym three-four times a week are really scared by the fact that their muscles will turn into the fat as they cease to visit gym. Fortunately this will not happen as the muscles is the certain tissue characterized by higher density and compactness when compared to fat that is quite different type of the tissue. But as you will stop the training your muscles will become flabby and flaccid. By the way inverse process is impossible as well. I.e. the fat will not turn into the muscle tissue even at the hard trainings. According to the trainers such intensive trainings contribute only to the muscles growth and getting rid of the fat.

Myth #3: The less we sleep the more weight we loose

This idea seems to be quite logical one. When we sleep the metabolism slows down and the energy consumption decreases. Thus in case we will sleep less the fat will disappear faster. Actually everything appears vice versa. In case you suppose that decrease of the calorie intake and increased physical exercises accompanied with the lack of the sleep will get rid you of the excess weight then you are quite wrong. The scientists suppose that the full-fledged sleep is the necessary part of the loss of the flesh program.

The Chicago University researchers considered the health of the people experiencing the lack of the sleep and concluded that even one hour we lack in sleep may turn to be a cause of the hormone misbalance. In this case the level of the leptin hormone (the one that signals the brain about the stomach saturation) decreases and the level of the ghrelin hormone (that informs brain about the hunger) increases. The conclusion is quite obvious: the more we sleep – the less we weight!

Myth #4: The best shampoo is the one based on the vegetable extracts

The natural vegetable ingredients that are printed on the packs of the various cosmetics and not only shampoos unfortunately provide no special and magic effect. You will be surprised but actually not these quite attractive natural ingredients are able to clean you head, make you hair softer, increase its volume and etc. The main agents responsible for such effect are the chemical materials. However it is quite hard to sell the “pure” chemicals even in case they ate packed in the best and most attractive flask. This is the reason why the manufacturers invent new ideas and thus support our conviction in the idea that the “natural means the best”.

Myth #5: Wax depilation has no advantages when compared to common razor

Elimination of the hair on the body with the help of the razor and wax has quite long history. The razor is handier of course however its efficiency is quite lower. The wax depilation has obvious advantages – hair is removed with its roots thus new hair will appear only in 3-4 weeks. The use of the razor provided quite shorter effect and the cut hair edges become prink those causing certain discomfort. And the constant use of the wax (exactly due to sharp jerk) the hair follicles are damaged so much that the growth of the new hair slows down rapidly.

Myth #6: Moistening or nutritive crème is the remedy of the wrinkles

Cosmetic companies advertise their crèmes as the means that are able not only to moist the skin but to prevent the appearance of the wrinkles. Actually it is not so. All you can get with such crème is to smooth little wrinkles and improve the general condition of the skin. Otherwise the use of such crèmes would provide us with the appearance of the person of 20 years of age. As the aging prophylaxis the scientists recommend keeping the money we spare for cosmetics and give up smoking instead and keep the face beyond the reach of the sun even in case you are simply going to walk and tanning at the beach.

Myth #7: Reading in bad light decreases the vision

Since the childhood we remember our parents’ infusions that reading in the dusk or under the blanket with the flash-light in the hand is too harmful for our eyes. However this statement is quite incorrect, it is like if we would state the whisper affects ears negatively. According to the New-York University ophthalmologists reading on the PC screen or watching TV too close don’t affect our eyes anyhow.

The eyes muscles exert thus we feel tiredness. Still scientists admit the accuracy of another parents’ advise – the carrot as well as other yellow, orange and red fruits and vegetables containing beta-carotin and that are the antioxidants are really useful for our vision.

Myth #8: Male fertility decreases due to tight underwear, notebooks and hot bathes

Neither of the abovementioned statements was proved scientifically. Probably only hot bathes that may increase the body temperature in the groin area is the biggest concern of the scientists. Anatomically male genitals are located outside the body thus its temperature is a bit lower when compared to the rest of the body. In case the genitals are being heat then the sperm production decreases (approximately within two months).

4-6 months are required to recover the normal sperm volume. Though there were no doubtless arguments of the negative affection males are better to take care about themselves and avoid hot bathes and the use of the notebooks (that commonly are getting warm) on the knees within a long period of time.

Myth #9: The chocolate affects the health negatively

Scientist admit that the chocolate is hardly to be something useful. Great sugar and fat amounts are quite negative for the shape and the whole body. Nevertheless according to the researches cacao contain lots of certain materials that may improve the heart and vascular function. Thanks to these materials the blood pressure decreases.

The same happens to the blood coagulability and any inflammations. The effect resembles the one provided by the aspirin intake. Thus the scientists don’t advise to renounce this dessert only because of your body shape care or any other suggestions. A cup of bitter chocolate or a small bar a day will be quite enough.

Myth #10: The ability to express your mind plainly or take revenge will deprive you of stress

We are all reading books and watching films (from classic ones to “kill Bill”) where the characters make great efforts with the only one aim – to take a revenge no matter what will be the price! But scientists state that in case the revenge makes pleasure the forgiveness provides quite greater pleasure. The wish to resist the offender makes us feel nervous, depressed and lots of other negative emotions.

All this reflects on our health at once. The risk to get the heart attack increases greatly. But there are also such situations that we are unable to forget (like betrayal of the friend or the close person murder). To survive in such memoirs and avoid despondency and despair we still have try to forgive: the revenge will make you happy for a moment and the forgiveness will treat you and provide long life.

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